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I'll continue to update as I see video evidence.



(Not sure if this is the same issue looks different but figured I would add)

Your first video has no sound so if you were trying to explain something you will need to re-upload it. From what I could see of the WinMTR tests you flash occasionally some Comcast owned hubs was dropping small amounts of data. Whether that is the cause of the latency is unknown. Can you upload a finalized WinMTR report please?
We have posted multiple WinMRT reports. With original posts of videos. It's getting messy I'll provide the links if you like but I want this to be clean and easy to read.
I looked at your post history, did you follow Drakoloth's instructions as instructed here:

02/13/2018 08:13 PMPosted by Drakuloth

You're also showing some signs of packet loss on the way out to our servers. Can you email a [url=""]text copy of your msinfo file[/url] to the email address for me? You can use the subject Attn: Drakuloth - ORD1 Latency Issues for that. I'll give it a peek and see if there are any similarities between yourself and strych9 or any of our other users having problems.

If you can also let me know what times of day/time zones you see it I'll try to reproduce it on my end as well.
@WyomingMyust - it is impacting everyone - you can literally hop in a game, tell your team mates to turn on their ping states, and they are all shocked - everyones fluctuates at the exact same time.

This is a regional issue with your network architecture - you need your WAN team on this and fast...

Desktop forum troubleshooting will not solve anything.

Do you have any senior level network engineer contacts at blizzard? How does the blizzard tech support work?

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