Does gg always come only from the winning side?

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Do you "gg" even when you lose?
I almost always say gg no matter what. That's just me, though.
no I always have my "leave game" button ready to click as soon as the game ends.
When it's a fun/close match yeah. People who say gg when it's a steamroll are just douchecanoes.
Yeah I always thought it was a sign of respect like when you shake hands at any other competitive sport
I only say GG if the game was actually good, which to me means it was close. so yes, if I lose a game that seemed like a sure thing but the enemy made a last second comeback, I will say GG.
I say it when I lose, but not always.
Not always. Just 9/10 times.
Depends on what type of game it was.

If it was a legitimately good game, like we had a 10 year overtime and lots of intense sh*t then yeah, i would say 'gg' even if i lost.


If the team i lost to ran pharmercy + junkrat, yeah screw that. I aint saying 'gg' to that.
On some cases (if one of my teammate is throwing, or doing a bad job), I usually say "bg" instead (probably I am the only one who ever say "bg" in a losing match). Otherwise just silent.
I say gg if I genuinely thought it was a good game, win or lose.

If it was a steam roll and my team won, I'll say gg only to the teamchat.

If my side gets steamrolled and the enemy team goes gg, then no, I usually won't.

I think it's in bad taste to say good game when the game was very clearly one sided. I'm not interested in rubbing salt in wounds. I would only say it to my team because my team obviously played well.
I tend to say GG to the winners, not to say the game was a good one for all of us, but to say they played a good game. Unless they were a holes about winning. Then nuts to them.
Win or lose, I only say it when it was a tight, well fought game. I probably do say it more often after wins, but I say it often enough after ties and losses to count.
I would love the ability to say GG but I'm a console peasant and we still don't have a text chat nearly 2 years after release.
I used to play Starcraft. It's a habit to say GG when I lose, it's expected in that game and considered bad manners not to. I also played baseball and you said good game and touched hands with all the players after every game. Didn't matter how close it was or who won.

So, I always say GG, win or lose, close or not. It's just being polite based on my experience in other games.
A majority of the time, i don't say gg. Win or loss.
But, that's mostly because i stick to arcade and qp, and there i always feel like one or two of my teammates was slacking, and sometimes it's me.
[not throwing, just, not hitting marks, flubbing up crucial things over and over again, not getting the kills when it matters]

I understand the mindset of actually saying gg. But to me, when someone says it no matter what even if it was a steamroll, it just loses its meaning.
I had a match in MH where we got a decent comp, and after 3 or 4 times of the enemy just throwing bodies at the point, the three-stack on the enemy team left in the middle of a teamfight, and left it a 3v6 for roughly 4 minutes. However long it took for the match to end.
And someone on my team said gg, and i said, "hey man, i don't think that's very nice to say, they had leavers and it was a 3v6 for a while..."

I've heard it said enough, in a hostile or mocking tone, for me to have a bitter taste in my mouth when i say gg.
I just always say gg.
Steamroll or not.
Its just hardwired into me.
Call it bad, whatever, but I see it as shaking hands at the end of the game.
I say gg sometimes. I forget a lot.
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I only say GG if the game was actually good, which to me means it was close. so yes, if I lose a game that seemed like a sure thing but the enemy made a last second comeback, I will say GG.
I say 'gg' everytime.
But it is always followed by 'ez af' just to piss people off.

I have no shame.

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