Left-handed Hero?

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02/15/2018 10:49 AMPosted by Cheat2Win
They discovered that left handedness was actually fatal when combined wth neural prosthetics and enhancements of the Overwatch time period. All left handed people subsequently died out.

Oh no.

I'm left handed.
I'm a lefty with guns in real life and it's not an issue that video games have it in the right. I'm just use to it because it's a thing I've grown up with. CS:GO to my knowledge is the only game that let me visually change it (through console commands) and I never got use to it but I kept it because why not.
02/15/2018 11:07 AMPosted by Liltecshdw
I think if blizzard did this it would be kinda hard for players because they could of just played a hero and wanted to play the left handed hero but was thrown off because the gun isn't on the side they're used too.

That would make the hero even more special. Getting used to it would need some practice and time investment with that hero
02/15/2018 10:57 AMPosted by CATCHPHRASE
02/15/2018 10:54 AMPosted by Skrimiche
Genji is also most likely ambidextrous/leans towards left handed.

While most Japanese are left-handed, that's not the hand he throws shuriken with, nor is it the source of power or direction in his sword's swing.

In one of the comics Genji is seen writing a letter with his left hand. He also dashes using his left and the way he holds his sword when deflecting seems like how a leftie would do it. I'm not actually left handed though so I could be wrong.
Well Moira heals with her left hand.
Overwatch has a secret message. The left handed either evolved to be ambidextrous or died out.

Get the hint already.
02/15/2018 10:55 AMPosted by CATCHPHRASE
It's the thought of the gun on the left side that bothers everyone else in the thread..

Back in the Quake days you could change the blaster to be in the right or left hand position. I don't see why something like that, something completely optional would be a bad thing.

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