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In the case of score 2-2. Who want see a CTF round in the OWL?
i would love to see some pros play CTF.
Maybe throw in some rounds of ctf at the end of season show matches.

Ctf having an impact in the regular season? Hell no
I would rather pour bleach in my eyes.
Do any of our pro players even like CTF? Like, do they play it on their streams at all?
they should do something similar to nba all star dunk contest. The could play ctf or mystery heroes or even LUCIOBALL
Would rather watch four 2cp matches in a row than one ctf map.
CTF mode is now a mode 6v6 where teamplay is necessary to win. Recents patch lead to have a mode very equilibrate. Of course, some hero are more interesting than other heros but in every mode/map, we often have some heros more efficient than other.

With the classical modes of OW and CTF, we have 5 mode which correspond to the max number of round in a match in OWL. And for the same reason Vaidd, I really love to see a CTF between pro player.
02/19/2018 10:32 AMPosted by VersaceJorts
Do any of our pro players even like CTF? Like, do they play it on their streams at all?

I remember watching Surefour play it when the event started. But thats it. In fact if you look at t500 for america, theres only like 3-4 OWL pros in it...
There's a good possibility that after it's been tweaked to perfection, and there's a full complement of specially designed maps (not modified KOTH ones), it'll join the ranks of full fledged comp modes. I personally think that it's a very fun mode to play.
If you want to watch them suffer playing a completely broken mode - sure.
Lucio ball is a better mode.
02/19/2018 03:07 PMPosted by go123452
Lucio ball is a better mode.


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