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02/20/2018 11:22 AMPosted by Pigeon
I never play deathmatch, can someone explain why Moira is so scummy in it? Genuine question, I've literally never played it (I played 4 player deathmatch but not solo). Is it because of the life steal?
I played a lot of dm after getting bored of comp. dm is mostly filled with tracer, Genji, Hanzo, and sometimes Roadhog, junkrat and Moira. You will often find weird picks like mercy Ana or torb and sym probably people practicing or just having fun. You get a lot of clean up kills. 2 genius or tracer having a 1 on 1? Oh here comes Moira and her orb of cancer and anxiety come flying in. You see both your and the guy you were fighting look desperately at each other as Moira right clicks you to death. Then you got junkrats bombs bouncing around picking up kills, Genji swift striking through groups of people, getting headshot by a random widow on top of that tower while you are trying to get a kill. But Moira is just so annoying, with that orb bouncing around.
02/20/2018 06:44 AMPosted by atomahawk
has anyone managed to pull off mercy FFA challenge? getting top 1-4 rank?
I’ve won with mercy like 6 times already. Try winning with Orisa or Zarya. But it’s not hard and her ult is surprisingly strong since barely anyone can kill you in the air.
If I were to make a top 3:
1. Roadhog - Seriously. He's the worst. Anyone who plays him in FFA is automatically a jerk. No exceptions. No props from me.

2. Genji (If there are two or more) - The fact that cooldowns are reset upon death make this really annoying. His ult is way too good for this mode. (Who decided to give him 8m/s movement speed during his ult anyway?! It's not like he needs it!)

3. Moira (If I'm not playing Mei) - Her orbs are literally a bouncing version of Genji's Swift Strike. There are way too many tight spaces for her to use it effectively. You WILL take damage from it. She WILL know where you are when you do.

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