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Why does it feel like the devs do not prioritize competitive? how can they expect the overwatch league, more specifically contenders to contuinue when so many people have and still are leaving the competitive scene because of how unenjoyable the current competitive system is? i feel like the majority of the community would agree with me that i would much rather have all resources working toward a better competitive experience rather then more content creation, skins and events. i love the game with all my heart but competitive feels like a complete waste of time and has for an extremely long time and it astonishes me that the devs havent done anything drastic enough or fast enough to fix the situation it has been in, and to make the game fun again.
They do... But you can't expect them to lay out every single thing they are working on like a diary on the forums. Or else we'll grow tired of all the new surprises they have for us. It's in our best interest
Wait u dont want jeff to stare at the camera for hours?

Overwatch is fun now. u can make custom game costume parties now. shame on you for wanting to change the core of the game -1 toxic.
Its not about Comp! It’s about lootboxes and your money spent.
02/20/2018 11:43 AMPosted by Scooby
Its not about Comp! It’s about lootboxes and your money spent.

Dont forget about need to buy 2nd and 3rd and so on account
Money, money MONEY!!!
They have separate teams running the OWL, developing event content, and balancing the game, and any additions/developments in each of these categories do not impact the pace of development in another.

Additionally, we've been told that the team is looking very closely at competitive and how ranking works. My advice is to be patient, change is coming. If you can't stand the system now, don't play competitive until changes appear.

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