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Well this is just coming from a Gold Healer main. My main Hero is Ana and honestly I'd wish that she got a bit of a buff or something. It hurts because it feels like she's so out right now compared to Mercy with the highest heal rate and moria with her op dmg healing combo. I think even just the slight buff to put her back in meta would challenge some healers and help people improve considering Ana requires great aim and good positioning. I miss seeing her in Pro Leagues and I miss seeing her in really any game. Just wanted to get that out there
I feel you, I mained Ana in S 3 and S4 and made it to diamond with her. I don't think we'll see an Ana buff soon as one of the devs has posted in a Mercy thread "that they think all supports are in a great spot at the moment". Which is absolutely delusional when it comes to Ana. She still has the worst winrate and she's literally unplayabale in soloQ ladder. She needs a lot of teamwork to pull off plus people peeling for her which you can't expect in matches below masters or in QP (which is most played mode).
In QP she is ok to be played when you have a friend who babysits you as Rein or Roadhog, otherwise you're just canon fodder for all the Tracers, Genjis, Doomfist and flanking Dvas running around every QP match. And even if you play Ana really well, you're probably still better off playing Mercy because you can survive longer and your healing doesn't get blocked.
The reason why I shifted to Mercy was actually because after the Ana nerfs, she had nothing to make up her bad mobility. Her only self defense is the hardest to hit projectile in the game, which is really hard to hit on a good Tracer, Genji or Dva (she eats it).

If Ana gets buffed, people will riot again since they don't like being able to get outplayed ba a support (see nerf Moira threads popping up everywhere). She needs some sort of wallclimb (the other snipers have it, so why won't she??) and maybe shields like Zenyatta so she doesn't always need to waste the nade on healing herself. Might even need the ability to shoot through full health teammates to heal someone behind them. Nothing more infuriating than trying to heal someone in the fronline while Hogs fat !@# blocks your shots.
Eh? I see her plenty of times!

Currently Moiras healing is a bit overpowered, it is why shes always picked over the rest. This is probably why you feel that Ana isn't picked as much.

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