Sombra's Hack Visibility

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First of all, I'm really excited for these Sombra changes. I played them a bit when they were accidentally released on live, and I briefly tried them out now on PTR. They feel really great, and I'm excited to test them out more.

However, I would like to ask that you please consider a quality of life change to Sombra's hack visibility. There has been feedback for a long time that hacked enemies are hard to identfy. There have been no changes to this that I've seen in PTR.

When Sombra hacks an enemy, there is a red swirl over the already red-outlined enemy. This makes it hard for teammates to even notice that an enemy was hacked. As a Sombra player myself, I often refer to my fire points when I use EMP to even get an idea of how many enemies were caught in it, because visuals are not clear at all. Adding other enemy effects, such as glowing red Nanoboost or Soldier's red biotic field, makes it even harder to tell.

At the very least, making the hack swirl a color other than red, such as Sombra's signature purple, would make it much easier for both Sombra and her teammates to identify hacked targets. Another idea is using a sugar skull icon. We even saw sugar skull timers on enemies during the Uprising event last year ( Something like this would be a wonderful QoL change.

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