Ana is underpreforming, even in gm

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02/18/2018 02:40 PMPosted by DarkStar
02/18/2018 02:37 PMPosted by TedCruz
No, ana is trash on her own. Moira is a little overtuned but it wont make ana more viable.

She isn't trash on her own though. She's trash in game where Winston and DVa are overtuned. If those two weren't as strong as they were she would be much better

No, it;s not about just the tanks. Ana is getting buried because every team has 3 of the following: Winston, DVA, Tracer, Genji, and Junkrat.

And then there's the fact that Ana's sleep dart is a projectile which can be hit by another projectile and fail.

That means when she encounters a character like Roadhog and she fails to bait him into hooking her, he can hook her simultaneously with her firing her sleep dart and Roadhog wins. His hook hits her dart, she gets hooked and dies.

Or a Genji can run into her team and start deflecting as she throws a grenade only to have the grenade hit her team instead.
02/18/2018 12:11 PMPosted by Elyrh
02/18/2018 12:01 PMPosted by Cloud
Because Moira got introduced.

Moira's existence doesn't make Ana worse. Lucio and Zen outperformed her for a long time before she was in the game. Ana needs some tweaks (passive heal, wall climb, anything to help her without buffing her grenade).

l a r g e r c l i p s i z e m a y b e
02/18/2018 03:09 PMPosted by QuizzyBunny
02/18/2018 03:00 PMPosted by MasterMedic
Plus am i the only that thinks Nano is underpowered. I would like the speed boost back. Thoughts?

I would much rather that it grant healers 50% increased healing output, then you can actually use the ult more defensively. Extra bonus if it does 100-150 instant healing, although it might be asking for too much.

I honestly don't want the beyblade meta back, I would prefer if Reaper became more viable through his regular kit.

Tbh beyblade meta was favorite meta. Then the dreaded triple tank meta came...
02/18/2018 01:18 PMPosted by Daws
Just play Ana against an opposing team with Tracer, Genji, Dva, and/or Winston coming for you. Now play those games as Moira and Mercy. Night and day. Ana is simply too easy a target.

Sleep Dart can only do so much...every 12s...assuming you managed to sleep someone. Ana can only heal herself every 10s, Lucio whenever he wants, Moira whenever she attacks, Mercy 1s, and Zen 3s. Ana gains no benefit from her ult but Mercy gains regen and flight, Moira gains speed and regen, Lucio gets a shield, and Zen is invulnerable.

Ana is the anomaly when it comes to healer survivability.

I think a big factor might be dive. Every single hero in dive counters ana and she is probably the hero with the worst survivability/mobility.
02/18/2018 12:07 PMPosted by Wicked
That's the story how I have to flex 9/10 to moira, making me a moira "main", taking away my freedom to play anything else without having to hear REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It was a sad day when I saw my Moira hours pass my Ana hours in comp. :^(

02/18/2018 01:53 PMPosted by Rob
She has a 51% winrate in GM, I think that's pretty balanced. Personally, I'd rather see Winston and D.Va get addressed before anything other than QOL changes are given to Ana. I'd also like to see how Moira plays out once her healing through shields bug is fixed (assuming it does get fixed).

51% in GM, but literally less than 50% everywhere else? Totally balanced, you're right. I don't know, maybe I'd buy it if the lowest win rate was 47% or something, or at least a 50% win rate in diamond (but really it should be 50% from at least platinum) or above. Zenyatta is also what most other people consider to be a high skill support hero, and yet here he is with a very good win rate. Ana is the only healer that usually decreases your chances of winning statistically compared to every other healer. Her pick rate is bad, and her win rate is bad. Hmm, but no, she's balanced because her win rate in GM is 51%. (Which is actually pathetic compared to Lucio's 53%, Mercy and Moira's 55%, and Zenyatta's 56%. Symm doesn't really count as a healer, and she's a niche pick, so her low pick rate and 59% win rate makes sense.)
If you want any sympathy for a high skill hero like Ana good luck getting that here. You'll probably just get "hey Moira has to aim to do damage so Ana's fine" or "Mercy is worse she's trash now".
02/18/2018 12:00 PMPosted by TedCruz
+Ana stats in comp, all tiers:
-pickrate: 4.5%, 4th of the healers.
-winrate: 46.12%, only healer with negative winrate.
-elims: 11.27, 4th of the healers
-damage: 3657, 4th of the healers
-healing: 7910, 4th of the healers
-deaths: 8.47, 3rd of the healers

+Ana stats in comp: grandmasters:
-pickrate: 2.36%, 5th of all healers
-winrate: 51.58%, 2nd lowest of all heroes

It's pretty clear that despite the mercy nerf ana is not preforming well in comp. Even in grandmaster, where players are more mechanically skilled, ana (high skill hero) is actually worse. I'm not a support main so I honestly don't know how she could be made more viable.
Ey, actually Pharah has a lower winrate than Ana in GM. :D
02/18/2018 12:01 PMPosted by Cloud
Because Moira got introduced.

That has nothing to do with it. Ever since Ana's damage and healing got nerfed, she's been a high skill hero with relatively low impact. You have to work very hard to heal the same amount as other heroes (like Mercy and Moira) heal with relative ease, and she's very vulnerable to being dove. Even if you're good with sleep darts, that can only take ONE diver out of the equation.
people who thought that nerfing mercy would solve anas issues truly dont know what her problems are.
If Ana, the healer with a sniper rifle is "overshadowed" by a healer that can only heal 10 feet in front of her.

Something is very wrong with Ana.

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