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Make her shield stationary.

She can set it up where she likes.

Then she can cover herself and her turrets (and her teammates)

this would make it challenging to go in because they cant engage her or her turrets until they're close enough to be melted by the car wash.

Maybe combine her ultimates so its both how they currently are.
I like that idea because it turns the photon barrier into a shield that calls on a similar skill set as her turrets -- map knowledge and predicting the enemy.
mind games can be played too. Say you saw my Symmetra shield. Your first thought might be to not go that way because you anticipate the car wash. but really Knowing you'd think this i put the carwash at another avenue of approach.
An idea like this has been floating around since the barrier was introduced. Having you press "E" again and making the shield stop in place.

While the Symmetra rework was in the PTR, there was a bug where the barrier would get stuck on the ground. They should have implemented that to her. Instead they waited it out and gave it to Orisa instead *sigh*.
I just edited the post and thought of another Idea.

Maybe combine her ultimates? I don't play her often but a buddy of mine does a lot and mentioned that it feels weird and neither really preform great.
While this might address some problems, I think it would actually worsen one of her biggest issues: she still wouldn’t provide any utility that isn’t done better by another hero. There are much better stationary barrier heroes to take instead of Symmetra so how likely would this sort of change give her a useful niche?

I actually like the moving barrier, personally. It’s unique and it’s the only way Symmetra can engage on anyone so she doesn’t have to play super passively and make enemies come to her. A team can push faster with it than any of the other barriers which makes it the best option for a niche scenario rather than a suboptimal option for all scenarios. Just lowering the cooldown would do wonders for it.
Let her put ults on walls and ceilings,

increase shield gen amount to 100,

pls Blizzard.

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