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Let's get that nostalgia going in the forum's final hours.

08/24/2017 03:23 PMPosted by Tenor
Widow IS one of the best heroes in the game. The amount of damage she is able to output on any one enemy is insane. Every fully charged head shot has a base of 300 damage, which can be scaled up via discord orb or Ana's boost. She is also one of the most satisfying characters to play at any skill level. Low level players can experience the satisfaction of landing a head shot on a target like 76 or mercy. Mid tier players get that same satisfaction off of killing bulkier enemies such as Roadhog or in 2 clean head shots. High level players get satisfaction off of landing that beautiful airborne head shot just after grappling up a roof. She requires the most skill to play, which is why she requires a lot of practice.

Man that takes me back.
When asked who was most in need of buffs:

10/27/2017 03:47 AMPosted by Bendubz11
As a high skill threshold character she should be OP as a reward for those competent with her. Instead she has no maneuverability, no mine to protect her 6, and all other healers are better suited for the job.

That just makes me sad for Ana mains. We'll come back for you Grandma. I promise.
Over Doomfist's shotput icon some people thought he was dabbing.

08/18/2017 01:56 AMPosted by Terx2
Looks like his getting ready to throw a shot put. Or his posing like Usain Bolt, I don't know. Besides doomfist doesn't seem like a dabber (or whatever they call themselves)

On one of the many topics asking for Mercy to be changed. (Making resurrect an ultimate and valkyrie an ability. I was a hardcore lurker before posting since I didn't have posting abilities.

Agreed. Unfortunately I don’t know if Blizz would revert, since they have a history of never going back. Ressurect as an Ult is doable though, provided some minor tweaks are added to it. (The direction they should have gone in first before going through such a drastic rework, IMO).

Um, yeah so not that special lol
This is how roadhog died. Both Tracer and genji have such low HP, nerfing them seems unnecessary.
Oh geez
Back when Orisa came out and her Halt didn't give kill credit

03/03/2017 11:11 AMPosted by Variann
I agree, this is the first thing that bugged me a lot about her, you don't even get credit for the kills if you didn't shoot them first.
This only really affects your elims medal and the PotG but it makes pulling of those very cool kills way less satisfying
10/20/2016 10:45 PMPosted by Clickster
Is it worth being a Reinhardt "main"?

I ask because he is the only tank I have fun with and I consider him damn near REQUIRED on a team. I am tired of not having one on the team or having really bad ones on the team.

For you people that "main" him do you find it rewarding climbing with him? For you that don't - do you appreciate an obvious Rein "main" on your team?

Yes - I put "main" in quotes as I know it is not much of a "main" in OW but you get the jist. A hero you put a lot of time into and get very good with.


Some one said this ^

10/20/2016 10:46 PMPosted by Fragehardt
Do it.

And I was the first to respond, and I said this ^

This is fitting lol :)
My first post?
12/16/2017 01:11 PMPosted by Aerthendt
12/16/2017 01:09 PMPosted by Nobridgibup
So you'd rather be reported and banned for onetricking?

It would basically be the same thing either way. Get reported for onetricking or lose karma for onetricking.

I don't really remember this.
I have posts that pre-date July 3rd 2016, but for some reason the per-profile forum post tracker isn't logging them.

Seems like there's a date cap. Any further than that date, it doesn't track.

When Lucio got nerfed so he got less range on Speed Boost and Healing:
03/17/2017 08:32 PMPosted by Fireboy769
03/17/2017 08:19 PMPosted by Valerius
If Lucio wants to heal players in a graviton, he will have to get close enough to likely be pulled into a graviton.
If Lucio wants to heal players that have been stunned by an Earthshatter, he now has to be right in the reaches of that deadly hammer.
If Lucio wants to heal players on the other side of a Blizzard, he has to be in the Blizzard.
If Lucio wants to heal players being fired on by a Barrage, he has to be in the FOV of the Pharah most of the time.
If Lucio wants to heal players being attacked by a Dragonblade, he has to be basically in range of that shredder and will be turned into mincemeat.

A.K.A He's gonna have to do really stupid stuff to heal his Teammates when they're in a deadly situation, which is NOT what he's supposed to do. Seriously, is this how people play him? Diving into suicidal situations to heal your teammates at a slow pace that gets outdamaged by Ults? Seriously?
11/03/2017 06:00 PMPosted by Johais
I'm excited for her. I like playing, "caster," characters in my games so I think I might've found a new main.


To add to this she looks a lot like my high school biology teacher, and I can picture her doing crazy genetic testing.

I can't believe I only started posting here when Moira was announced. I have much earlier WoW forum posts.
08/01/2017 02:21 PMPosted by WhiteRabbit
Is simple.
Blizzard devs are in a secret Tropical Country.
Summer in Tropical Countries starts in November.
Summer Games 2017 on November confirmed.

"I really think torbjorn really needs a buff"

that was made in 2016
Not really the first since I used name change but the first with this name is a resond in a thread about stroy mode:
10/26/2016 12:44 AMPosted by HANA
Agree. The practice mode isn't enough to learn the mechanics of every hero and even if you do that, you will have to go through a lot of reading about what character does what.
Back when Symmetra was GOD AWFUL (at least compared to her now)

07/30/2016 11:09 AMPosted by GhostlyLure
I recently watched a video by Overwatch Central talking about Symmetra and I was able to form some ideas that I would love implemented to make Symmetra feel more like a Support character. Now if I've seen anything from the forums here its that you really shouldn't talk about buffing any characters, but I really loved these ideas and I love to play Symmetra though I feel she is lacking a bit.

Without further ado here is my ideas, I'd love some feedback on them.

A) Photon Projector - It's literally perfect, I don't wish for any changes at all for the weapon but I wanted to address the elephant in the room as far as things holding her back from a buff.

B) Sentry Turrets - An idea I've seen thrown around is the idea of her turrets healing your allies or damaging your enemies this would use the turrets ability to lock on to the closest character, for this work the "healing beam" would have to be no stronger than Mercy's capabilities or even Zenyatta's orbs of harmony and most importantly not being able to stack. This would be an entirely unique thing for Symmetra giving her the power to heal allies without them even being in her line of sight. While I do see how this could be very powerful keep in mind that the turrets have 1hp and you would be able to see where the turrets are due to the beam. This would allow Symmetra to not feel as much of a liability on the team, almost fulfilling the role of Support.

C) Photon Shield - This is the hardest thing for me to address but as of right now the Photon Shields are practically useless, getting hit by most characters takes it out and before when it was +50 shield it was apparently OP so I would love to here suggestions about how this could be more useful while not making it super strong

D) Teleporter - It's fine.

Anyways, these were just some ideas I really liked for Symmetra. I would love if we could start a conversation about this rather than just like and dislike the post to see other peoples opinions about the matter. Thank you for reading this wall of text and I can't wait to read your responses.
10/14/2016 01:44 PMPosted by Shelyo
when I was still able to play Ilios, there was an image overlay (some kind of negative transparent skeleton of the view outside from the spawn room). I had the image overlay only in the spawning room and during skirmish on the whole map.
My first reply

04/27/2017 11:25 AMPosted by Fiotality

LOL, I remember my first day in Overwatch. Since my internet connection is VERY LOW, I spent like 10 HOURS just installing Bnet and the game. It began around 9pm and I left it the whole night to find it ready when I wake up. It was 1am and I wasn't sleeping because I was feeling so hyped... but I fell asleep somehow. I woke up at around 6am... and I found that OW was ready for me to play. AND I DIDN'T LEAVE MY CHAIR UNTIL 9PM. Of course that day I went to sleep early just to wake up early to play some more Overwatch...

Well, that's my story HAHAHA
Moment, gotta go back to August
Apr 16
"His scrap gun and hook are fine. The only thing that could use a nerf is his ability to self heal."

Damn, I was an idiot back then.

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