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First thing I want to say is that I am an Orisa main, so the fact that I want her nerfed shows how broken this hero is. Now I’ve seen threads saying she’s op because her shield covers a huge area, or that it has too much health, or that it’s cooldown time is too low. That is not the problem, the problem you can actually see when you look down. Pick any hero and look down, what do they all have in common? No legs, however if you pick Orisa and look down and then jump you will see she has legs. This makes her way to OP and is unfair to the other heroes because having legs is an advantage when you have to move around and take objectives. So blizzard, please nerf Orisa and remove her legs so she is on par with the rest of the heroes.
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I can attest to this claim for I, myself, am a professional Orisa player. Orisa having visual representations of her legs indeed increases her win rate by at least 35% as it gives her a huge advantage over the other heroes who have no vision of their lower half.

I honestly have no idea why the devs have not addressed this issue yet.
To be fair, the other heroes only have 2 legs.
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Agreed with the OP, but have you seen Bastion in sentry mode?

He has shoulders!

Think a moment, Orisa with legs and Bastion with shoulders! They make the perfect couple!

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