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Am I the only one who thinks there should be a story mode? Like I would pay the DLC pack if it was possible. Wouldnt it be beautiful if it was?
It would be amazing and I think most Overwatch players would love this.

I have a feeling Blizzard will surprise us all with this one day.
You are not the only one.
Overwatch’s lore and story is one of the main reasons I love this game so much. If they added a campaign with PVE (which is another mode I love in this game which is why Uprising was my favorite event) and story that would be amazing.
Even if the missions were very much like uprising, I think it would be cool.
Or more PVE content in general.
There was a sort-of " " "campaign" " " mode when Uprising was active. All they'd have to do is put in the time to create a fully-fleshed out version, but it takes time for something like that, especially if they're also simultaneously taking their time on the main multiplayer side of the game..
I definitely believe there should be a menu for campaign, including a load of different Uprising-esque missions that would be added periodically. (Preferable singleplayer, though I imagine some of them (Uprising for example) would be multiplayer)
Imagine if each hero got their own little singleplayer campaign, which'd illustrate an important event in their lore.
"D.Va's story"
"Widowmaker's story"
"Moira's story"
etc. etc.

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