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Last day of these forums, send the link to your very first post.


And, by the way, months have passed and I STILL don't have any Reaper-themed player icon on this alt account. Let me buy Player Icons with credits, I beg you!
It caught my attention because of people being overly dramatic (as usual) on tumblr, accidentally got in on the action myself lol
All the way from May 2016...

05/26/2016 08:01 AMPosted by Crepsly
I'm having a pretty good time. :) I'm not very good at shooters at all, but I'm still trying to enjoy myself. At least no one's downright yelled at me for being bad yet. :P

There's just something about Overwatch that makes it addicting and fun compared to other FPS games.

I'm so toxic, guys. :P

It's about how in the Combat Medic Ziegler skin, when Mercy melees, she should stab with the needles on her weapons instead of generic hitting. I thought it was cool but 0 replies.

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