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I guess it’s the final countdown until the new forums, kind of funny how my 400 post will be my last on this version of the forums. Can’t wait for the new forums, see you there.
What new forum?! :-o
02/19/2018 10:46 PMPosted by Lloyd
What new forum?! :-o
You didn’t hear? Tomorrow they are replacing this forum with a new one which apparently is easier to use and more organized, you will have a few days to look at and save your posts as these forums will be moved to the archives but after a few days all posts on here will be deleted and we will start a new with the new forums.
nope i didn't hear!
I guess we shall see... tomorrow hey? :-o
They're changing the forums again....?
Christ... It better be as good as the one I remember from 2014.

Before anyone says "OW wasn't around in 2014", just be aware that Blizz has like 4 other games with their own forums. OW came with the new forum layout and sadly the other games followed suit soon after.
If all posts from this forum will be removed, then we're gonna need a repository for all the posts from Jeff. Some of them were quite memorable.

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