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Definitely at my true level currently. Last season I spent a reasonable amount of time dippng in and out of Bronze before finally beginning to climb, but then a final week slump sent me flying from mid/high silver back down to Bronze. This season I haven't dipped back down once since escaping, and I managed to plateau back out after the usual post-career high slump having lost barely 100sr, so I'm definitely no longer a Bronze player. Seen glimpses of Gold potential (the game that made me realise I'm good for my level at Moira was as the only Silver in a 11 Gold game, smashed my PB for healing, and broke my PB in a few other sectors), but I'm not consistent enough to justify saying Gold is where I deserve to be. Silver is 100% where I belong
I honestly don't know. I don't play a lot of comp at all, honestly only play for decay. I think I could climb if I actually tried to. But I just don't like how toxic it gets. I wanted to try climbing this season but I don't have the motivation.
I belong slightly higher...but right now I'm trying to learn/relearn some heroes. With my main I'm mid Gold which is about where I should be.

I would be higher...but I lack practice. I have less time to play due to other games, school and recent surgery. So my skills kinda waned a bit. I also wasn't very great to begin with. Highest I've ever been was mid Plat back in season 3.
Yes I'm pretty sure that my rank is quite accurate (3500-3600) even though the higher the SR goes, the less heroes I can play comfortably and consistently. I am flexing mostly but usually get to play Support or Tank.

The reasons for that are:
- in quick play I play with the same people from comp (fluctuating between Diamond and GM depending on what and how I play)
- in arcade I play with the same people from comp (same as qp)
- when playing comp, games are challenging but not too hard either
- I can win 55-60% of my games in comp so I should be very close to my actual rank
- my second account got placed at 3450 too
- I even made it to 4000 SR in CTF but considering the mode is different from actual comp, I would only see it as an indicator that I can at least keep up with this rank mechanically

Like in every mode there is, I am playing with Diamond to GM players consistently so I guess my rank is somewhat accurate. Considering my win rate I could probably make it even slightly higher to about 3700 maybe but I don't think I could get much higher than that currently.

In the end, I don't play that much competitive (but I solo q 95% of my comp games). Only made the effort to get to 3500 this season because I wanted the gold weapon points and stopped and decayed immediately afterwards.
I am gold but I think I belong in either Plat or low diamond. I'm at my current rank due to a mix of low-skill teammates, throwers, leavers, stupid mistakes I make, getting angry in comp, and occasional bad connection. I know I'm better than where I'm at but I'm not delusional enough to believe I belong in high SR comp. I would like to get better though.

EDIT: Really? I give my honest opinion (and somewhat humble) on my rank and talk about how I wanna get better and that deserves dislikes?
as long as you play normally and don't try to preserve your undeserved rank from placement matches by not playing, you always belong where you are.
My rank is accurate because that is how I have been performing in solo queue, but I think I would do much better in a more team based queue. There have been a few times where I stayed as a group after winning a game and ended up on a massive win streak just because I have consistent teammates, even when it puts us against other 6 stacks, and no one had been out of the rank we were in, so I wasn't being carried that hard.
My SR might be a little bit off because it has flutuated over a 600 SR range over the course of the season, but I think it has the right solo rank.
Basically no. But I never cared to fix my rank. But I play in plat games all the time. Even though I left comp in season 7 with silver. Hell, when I won high plat games duo qing, I got 59sr and lost 30-40sr.

The game is basically saying I should be in plat. But I can't win games consecutively enough, to reach it in the time I want. Since playing 2 tiers above yours has that higher SR loss. I ping pong in the same 250sr range. Lose 3 out of 5 plat games, rank out of the 1000sr range limit. Get back to 1650 in 4 wins, repeat. I get bored and abandon comp after 20 games. I got my gold gun. That's all that mattered to me.
I'm unsure how accurate my rank is. Besides having absolutely horrible luck in placements and placing around 200 points below my previous average, I'm wondering if my MMR and SR don't really match up - reason being these days I'm more frequently being placed with full teams of diamond/masters in QP, while being the only one in mid plat. I have climbed to diamond before, so perhaps it's placements > MMR when determining your initial season rank.
No i play with RL friends, when i solo queue i mostly win 80% of the time.. But with my friends is more like 50/50.. Getting back to daimond has been a pain, almost there but my friends want to play togheter, to be fair its also more fun.. But to answer your question, no.. but then agian its my own fault
Maybe a couple hundred SR below, I spend the last couple of seasons mostly around 2200-2300, even got very close to Plat a few times; but I know damn well I just can't compete with players over around 2700; I've tried.
I'm ashamed to say it, but yes.
Level 417 - 1672 silver.

For me, it's the place I belong.

Sometimes I want to climb but I remember that I'm only good as Dva and Moira in competitive. Most of the time I have all the gold medals and do my healing/tank job very well, with Dva, I eat most of the ultimates (except Hanzo's, never got to DM it), and as Moira, I focus more on healing than DPSing (I only do that when my allies are full HP).

I can't deny I have a bad positioning but an average aim and killfeed for my rank (60 eliminations, 11k healing, 12k damage).

I win 30 SR per victory, and lose 15-20 per defeat.

But there's a problem... the server. No, I'm not disconnected... it's the language barrier. I play on the south american server, and 80% of the player base is brazilian and speaks portuguese only, while me and some players speak spanish and understand english. There's a huge lack of communication and most of the people, both sides of the barrier, is extremely toxic.

Sometimes I don't want to play competitive anymore.
I have always deserved to be low bronze, I just keep getting placed slightly higher. It is unfair that a player as bad as me is allowed to ruin other people's games.
02/15/2018 05:49 AMPosted by Espen
I honestly don't know. I don't play a lot of comp at all, honestly only play for decay. I think I could climb if I actually tried to. But I just don't like how toxic it gets. I wanted to try climbing this season but I don't have the motivation.

Same here. I sometimes I start searching for a game and cancel. I always have a bad feeling, "someone will throw my game", "someone will leave", "I will find the same 3-stack that threw my game last week trying to derank themselves".

I don't even have friends to play comp with. My duo partner hit high platinum and is 1000 SR higher than me, and my bronze best friend doesn't want to play comp anymore after getting a warning for playing Mei (and she's a GREAT Mei). The others (mid gold-silver) have their own group to play with, but I can't join. I only go solo now. I usually meet some people to stay after a victory and go on a winstreak, but on the first defeat, they start to leave.

It's sad.
It depends. Everyone can reach diamond if they work hard enough. I have been stuck in gold for a very long time. I was almost plat, but then went on a big losing streak.

Often the players who are in diamond or above or got there in previous seasons do fail to realize that it is not easy to climb anymore. Before they introduce performance based SR, it was easy to climb. Once you won 2-3 games in a row, you started gaining 30 sr. And then after 4-6 games in a row of winning you started gaining 50 sr. And after 7-10 games you started gaining 100 sr. It was not hard to climb then. I mean I climbed from 1200 to 2404 in a day. And sadly went on a lose streak. I would be Diamond right now, had I kept motivation and continued playing before they introduced performance based sr.

Sadly, Diamond and above players who got there before season 7 fail to realize how hard it is to climb now. We no longer get the sr boost when we go on a win streak.

My stats are great overall. On an average length game with my tanks I do 10-20k damage (, Winston) and with my shield tanks 5-10k and 20-30k damage blocked (play them defensive).

My supports I once again do great with. I heal upwards of 15-30k healing per game, I do not die often. Sadly we have a very poor system right now that does not reward you for your wins.

At this point I am only playing for my gold guns. I need Moira, Winston, Lucio, Rein and Orisa. I get near 2 gold guns a season, but once I get their gold guns I will prob stop playing. The system is just not rewarding. I go on some great win streaks. But never enough to get out. I feel like every time I get a good win streak, a great lose streak follows. That is just solo Q.
I think the best way to determine this is if we got a MMR reset. I’d love to see what I’d get placed after the reset. I believe I’m a mid-masters player, but I’ve climbed to GM and fallen to diamond. I’ve been all over the place.

And I can say that there are definitely players who should not be at their rank. It’s very obvious when someone should be lower than they truly are. Less obvious when someone should be hIgher than they are, but it still happens. MMR reset! I want it!
I guess so, in season 3 I was silver, season 4, 5, 6 and 7 I were in gold, which to be fair, it was because I wasn't trying to improve rather than being in an elo hell, this season I got to plat and I plan to settle here ( I will still try to improve as a player though).
I'm staying in plat because Diamond has the time losing sr thing and I only like to play competitive when I want to.
I think I might be a little higher than where I belong, but only by about 100sr, so yeah pretty much where I belong simply because of the hours or lack there of that I put into comp. I think if I dedicated a lot more time to it I could be much higher, but tbh the only number in my life I really care about is the one that appears on my W-2 rather than the one in some game.
I am definitely not were I am supposed to be.

If I heal( I only play zen and ana) on more than half of the matches I outplay the second healer in the team, even if it's mercy.

If I tank(orisa, zarya and sometimes Winston) I get to have more damage and elims than the dps in the team.

If I dps , I usually finish the match with 2-3 gold medals.

I climbed to mid platinum at the end of last season then I suffered from a massive drop to 1800.
I fluctuate between 1950’s and low 2000’s. I am where I should be for now. I have a 61% win rate on mercy with a mix of solo and duo queue but go no where, gain very little lose a lot on SR. Also got tired of the toxicity towards me as a mercy main.

So I am now taking a break and no longer doing comp or healing in general.

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