Why Sombra’s Swimsuit Skin is required

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It’s Sombra’s only skin that doesn’t glow in the dark. (Remember this is a hero of Stealth.)
ya who needs invisibility when you've got a swimsuit amirite
when i first saw this i was lie, "damn it i didn't get that skin".
then i realised i don't play sombra
Actually tried changing skins today. Neon purple, neon green. neon christmas, oh i have one that's a black catsuit... with neon white, screw it i may as well go default.
Snorkel = Stealth
When your caught outside of Stealth and still not noticed.

This does buy you a second of reaction time.

Which trust me, you need it.

Shame other potential upcoming legendaries likely skip this feature.

Artists seem to love the neon.

But stealth requires more then just her kit.
This is why i like Widows new Black Lotus skin, let me blend in with dark backgrounds while i happily shred away =D

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