Back when Mercy had her old ult

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Who got her cute spray?
mostly everyone who played Mercy. It was easy to get.
Took me a while but I got it way back during Mercy 1.0 days, I think. When she couldn't move when ressing/was killable during her ult.
Took me... maybe fifteen, twenty games to get it? Basically as soon as I realised that rezzing two or three people tactically in the middle of a fight wasn't as rewarding as rezzing my entire team at once afterwards.
I did. It only took me 2 hours to get it. I wasn't purposely hiding for my team to die, I actually stayed in the fight but the enemy reaper ulted 4 of us so I rezzed them :)
I did. Easy achievement.
I have only played her for a couple of hours but I still got it. It was really easy to get.
I got it the dumbest way possible, back when QP had no limits I was in a team of 6 mercy’s and rezzed em all on volskaya at the last second.
On console I got it by building rez and having 4 mates kill themselves using Soldier, Pharah, Tracer Pulse Bomb and Junkrat (back when he had self damage)
Got it with double rez Mercy :) EZ

It was a game with 4 rounds - Junkertown I think.
Got it before rework, after enemy Pharah almost annihilated my team.
I did! Such an easy achievement aswell

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