I bet zen is not getting a nerf hunt if moira ever gets one

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because a harmony orb on dps and discord orb on the enemy is a grace to dps so they can kill faster
I mean

Isn't that what zen's specialty is in addition to his higher DPS
Please stop whining about DPS, holy crap.
Well, that's what a support does. The problem I have is the supports now just seems to be out doing the dps by themselves.
02/19/2018 08:14 AMPosted by Foxter
Well, that's what a support does. The problem I have is the supports now just seems to be out doing the dps by themselves.

It's time for 76 to take the healer spot I guess
pro players really love zen.. because he is basically a dps. lmao
Already seen some people calling him OP, I'm mentally preparing myself
Zen is incredibly good, easily one of the best heroes in the game. But it's hard to argue that he's overpowered because Discord is 100% team-focused utility and it's such an integral part of his kit. He needs his team for it to be good, and if you removed it he would be terrible.

So yeah I wouldn't be complaining about him because I think he's within the realm of reasonable balance, albeit at the upper limit.
Oh trust me the moment a moira nerf goes through and inevitably destroys her Zen will be their next punching bag.
"Well he has got the top pick rate so he's OP"
"Why can a good zen swat me out of the game with 2 headshots"
"Well he's got a high pickrate so he's ObViOuSlY oVeRtUnEd"
"The other f-tier supports don't need buffs the supports with the highest pickrate obviously need nerfs"

In all honesty OW is on a reversed power creep. The supports will ALWAYS define a meta, because it gives DPS, and even tank players abilities that allow them to function at their best, and so meta's form around what a certain support does best, and in every meta they have almost always nerfed the support that the meta belongs to.

They destroyed Ana when she allowed triple/quad tank, they have been destroying lucio who used to allow deathball, they nerfed mercy when she became a must pick in dive, and now Moira nerfs are being asked for. Even if they nerf moira/zen there will always be supports that define certain meta's or playstyles, and if they continue to think that supports are the only problem it'll power creep until we get this

-Removed supports from the game, too confusing for new players.
02/19/2018 08:13 AMPosted by trintrin
Please stop whining about DPS, holy crap.

The role wars is like diet racism.
Zen is probably the most op support there is, but he is also the most difficult to play well when it comes to aiming and target priority. He got a powerful ultimate that can be punished really hard. And also discord alone can win you fights when your team isn't potato.

Moira tho for me she's just not fun to play against. But I enjoy her quite a lot still.
Moira is getting heat because she is the tracer version for supports.
Like dva is the tracer version for tanks.

Zen is more of a mccree. You can get insane value from him but not in all situations. That's probably why people aren't on him that much.

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