What's your Overwatch Ship?

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I'm bored, so I just want something to read the next day.
Orisa + Bastion. ^.^

Its just, Adorable.

And they work so well together, Even in game!
I can't even afford ramen, let alone a boat.
Soldier and mercy..even though soldier is like twice her age
Roadhog x Myself
I'm a multishipper, present me a ship and I probably ship it.
S.S. Jeff ;)

Really, I like Gency because of support with lore, and pharmercy for fanart (yes I know they contrast).
Reaper and his Hellfire shotguns. The man is obsessed.
Hear me out on this one, but

Roadhog x Torbjorn
shippers x permaban
Gency 4 lyfe

Also Jeff x me. Love you bby ;D
I don’t have one
The boat in Oasis spawn is pretty nice.
My team's dropship x Enemy team's dropship
02/19/2018 07:46 PMPosted by Draco
My team's dropship x Enemy team's dropship

Too steamy.

I ship my team and the payload, but it's pretty much a crack ship. They'll never wind up together.
I like the one you push through Gibraltar as a Payload.
Torbjörn + Winston
The training bots and the zomnics
Gency, Ana76, Anahardt, WidowHanzo, Spiderpig, Bunnyribbit, and my OTP... myself/McCree ;D

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