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Every season I've played thus far, there always seems to be a large influx of griefers during the final week of competitive (as in more than the standard large amount during the rest of the season). Why the sudden griefing at the last possible moment? (why the griefing at all tbh)
Ok. From what I can tell most people playing during the last week are more or less put into 2 groups. Those that are really close to a new season high and feel pressured to climb and thus get more stressed and tilted when they lose. And the other group that don't even have the slightest chance of getting a new season high and feel compelled to throw games since they got nothing to lose
Ive had some pretty bad luck lately with intentional throwers towards the end of this season. These guys pick heroes that they have no time on and refuse to communicate with the team at all. These games are pretty much a guaranteed loss.
I notice that too when I choose Symmetra on defense, I get a hanzo player or a full on dps team with one begrudgingly healer. One time it worked and that was fun but another I played tonight just decide to be a leaver. Which is something I also know that more leavers are popping up around this time of the season.
Watch the comp hours of those underperforming or being tilted. Usually last week and first week of every season, all the QP players do their placements for the Comptitive Points.
in short. every troll that was not in comp from the start are not comeing into it to get there comp points and are just doing what thy do best trolling everyone as thy go.

but i wouldnt know iv only gotten 3 matches in the last 3 days the times are to high to sit around in menus waiting for a match that is going to mostlikely end in a lose. (( got to love bronze hell. ))
yeah tipical end of season trolling thats why avoid it. People desperate to climb and idiots who want to tilt them and dont care about sr because placements are going to put them back right were they ended before the trolling, hopefully blizz will hit people harder this season to teach them a lesson.
Still waiting for 1 month seasons or at least Blizzard to acknowledge the problem.

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