Devs, Sym needs to give "more" Substain (Seriously)

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Every healer provides that little Sustain, so the team can survive the next wave.

Sym can't provide that by herself.

If Dev's don't want her to heal.... OK then.

But She needs to replace the lost Health with Something (like Shields), during the natural game. (Aka not with her ult(s).)

Else other heroes are currently more of a Support then she is. (Who arn't supports like Torb, Zarya, 76, and Sombra)
I think the simplest solution that avoids a second rework is if she could just get both of her ults running simultaneously.

Fill up her Ult once, place either the Tele or Generator.
Fill it up again and set down the one you haven't placed yet.
If one is destroyed, go back to step 2. If both, back to step 1.

That would be plenty of psuedo-sustain. Possibly excessively so, Assuming the enemy team refuses to find and destroy her buildings, at which point it's their own fault.
What they could do is buff her basic kit/ give her a new supportive E such as a barrier that fills in up to 150 missing HP with light blue shields that can be healed like empty health and disappear, getting pushed out and replaced by their normal HP as they are healed so it won't count as their Max HP. Just 1 example, there's so many interesting things Blizzard could do with her kit due to her hard-light bending theme.
I think they should give her decaying shields on a channeled system. They could play with the values on the decay and shield channeling, but it's a form of in combat sustain that doesn't take a healers spot out of combat, so two supports would still be necessary.

There are also other ways to balance it, such as either a resource meter or ammo, and they could move sentries to secondary weapon.
Allow her to build a mega healthpack.
The synergies and creativeness that can be utilized with that would be crazy fun.
let her shield gen fill up shields, no matter how low one is. Got shot to 1hp? Go into the shield gen radius and get filled up completely.
And BOOM, sym has a healing effect.
Thanks guys, thought I was ignored.
If I had to boop one thing before this forum ends.....this is it.
Give her the over heal ability like the medic in TF2 but replace it with shields instead of health. If she's not actively providing the over shield have it slowly diminish back to their regular max health.
I'd love to see her be able to heal, I'm not super imaginative, but I think they could find an awesome way to do it.
Alright headed to work(plus getting a smoothie.)

Hope this Rework Sym to be an actual Support works out by the end of this week.

But my greedy side hopes something happens today like Devs answering this. (They have avoided when I have asked before(look back to second hanzo scatter arrow stuff, that was me and not part of the original question.)(Seriously hate being avoided so bad.)(I think I am a nice guy.)

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