Does Orisa's ult feel powerful?

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As someone who is new to Orisa, I can't help but notice how long it takes for her ult to charge compared to how little of an impact it seems to have. I'm by no way asking for a buff but I'm curious to hear from Orisa mains how they feel about her ult. In my brief time with her at diamond rank I find it too difficult to charge up quickly, and when I do use it its hard not to think of it as just an immobile Valkyrie with slightly increased damage boost. Any tips for her ult?
Gives the same dmg boost as nano to an entire team.
It might not seem like much, but it's a mistake to underestimate a 50% damage boost to 6 teammates (Which can stack with Valkyrie, making for an 80% damage boost to 5 teammates) Always try to make sure the enemy is in front of you, if not, place it somewhere where people have to go out of their way to destroy it, but it can still affect your team. and be very wary with using it if Sombra is about
Orisa's ult is like Mercy's new ult. It's not flashy, but it is effective.

It's a force multiplier. Every team mate you have alive makes it that much more powerful, both in the amount of extra damage it can let the team output and in it's ability to draw the attention of the enemy.

It also improves your ability to tank for your team. When you drop a supercharger, it becomes a prime target. Just like Sym's tele/sheid. The enemy wants to kill it fast or run away. If they try to kill it fast, that means they're not shooting at your teammates. And if half of their team runs away while the rest decide to fight, you've nearly always won that fight. Again, the more people who are being boosted, the more the enemy wants it gone.

It's something you usually want to use at the start of a fight, ideally right at the moment where the red team can't escape easily.

The range on it is huge. Much longer than Mercy's chain boost. You don't need to drop it in the middle of a fight to get the full effect. Just make sure it has line of sight on where the fight is taking place.
It combos very well with the other less flashy ultimate abilities like EMP and Valkyrie
It's actually very nasty. Like someone else said it isnt flashy but it is very effective.
Her amazing kit makes up for her not having a flashy ult.
Use it to initiate fights.

I used to wait until the dps has their ults up and I comboed it with them, but I realized that's not always a good idea. Sometimes you want to use it when no ults are up yet, because it's a great ult charger.
In cases where the enemy team fails to disengage, it is a free teamfight win. If placed too early, it often ends up being nothing more than a 10 second stall.
It’s only good if your team is good.
Basically it allows you to do what you're already doing about 50% faster. As an example it gives Winston 90 damage per second. Or McCree 180 damage per second. Or each Reinhardt firestrike will deal 150 damage and each swing will deal almost 110 damage.

It doesn't feel impactful but holy hell it is a lot when you actually look at the numbers.
It's a shutdown ultimate (similar to Torbjorn's) that denies the enemy team a push. It's very powerful when used correctly.
It's certainly not game changing but it's just enough to tilt a close teamfight. I put it down when i need to take out an enemy quickly or break through shields.

It's certainly not something you can count on, but it's something you can occasionally have to give your team just a little more to get over a hump.

It's atleast more impactful in Quickplay where the most common viable team comp is 4-1-1 rather than the 2-2-2 in Comp. This much firepower pushing into the point at the same time with a supercharger will delete everything in front of them.

Often tho, when an Orisa puts it down, it doesn't really do much to the fight as there aren't enough DPS putting out damage in one spot. Most random games don't have enough team coordination and you just end up supercharging yourself.

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