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After many hours of reading posts debating about Genji and his deflect hit box, I made a video on how most people feel about him. Hope you all can take the time to take a look at this.
I was expecting the video to be bad. I was entertained.
Whether you believe it or not the delay of online gaming will cause things to happen before they appear on your screen. On the Genji's screen he's deflecting before the rocket reaches him, and is probably a lot closer to the rocket because he's descending.
Much like when you are behind a wall and you still get sniped by a widow. On her screen you're still out in the open.
The hitbox isn't as big as it probably appeared on the video, latency is probably the real issue in most of the things showcased. (That tracer one is frustrating, but can't really be fixed btw)

The video wasn't too hard to watch though.
I'm glad I watched, this was pretty funny and also shows the big issue...
I wish i could like this more than once.
I mean its time to face it, they not going to change him, neither tracer.
If Jeff says they like to watch good tracers and genjis play, that was already an indicator.

These 2 heroes are dominating eveery season except S3 when the meta was tanks, but even then, they were played.

Its a personal oppinion, but i have 2 options:
1.) they dont want to change them, even though tracer has absurd dmg, and Genji has utterly annoying and disgusting hitboxes


2.) they dont know how to fix them.

Dont know which one is worse. I would absolutly love this game, if these 2 heroes were not in every match. You wanna play some zen, ana, widow etc... you will have a bad time for sure. Look at OWL.. they are dominating there..

How is it possible, that after all the evidences that genji hitboxes are broken af in 3D, still not fixed? How is it possible that a thread which reached 2k+ posts doesnt deserve a reply from Dev-s?
This is very sad, and extremly disappointing.

On the other hand, in case of widow vs genji, if genji has different ping than you, upwards or downwards, you can easily snipe yourself, because they can press E exactly the same time you shoot. Since Genji is moving so fast, basically everywhere its close to impossible to track his E cooldwon..

Sadest part is that they dont even try out anything on the PTR....

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