Which game has more toxicity?

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good God, I'm imagining the forums of an online multi-player monopoly. adding your shear rage and seething hatred to unknown randos?

and you think leavers are a problem in overwatch..

bonus points tilting would be called "flipping"
now im waiting on an official overwatch version of monopoly that i can buy off the blizzard store
Overwatch has more toxicity in general, but in some scenarios, monopoly is the most toxic thing in the universe. Well, beside Uno
02/17/2018 06:55 PMPosted by pirzzzzzzz01
Overwatch or Monopoly?

League of Legends.
I’m not even joking here...so I play Monopoly online on PS4 with randoms. The other day one of the randoms would try to trade $100 for $106 every time it was their turn. Plus there are leavers all the time. Throwers and leavers, they're everywhere
This is not even a contest. "Overwatch" is synonym for "toxicity".

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