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what are some heroes you despise? Here's mine.

Yes they are the weakest characters in the game and yes I know how to counter them. What absolutely infuriates me about them to the point were I am against any buffs for them is that even after he game has been out for almost 2 years, people still don't know how to counter them or to play around them. It is absolutely insulting to see teams get carried by them since no one knows how to counter them.

Junkrat is still beyond OP as he gets the highest rate of lucky kills out of any character in the game. His kit as a whole deserves to be nerfed to the ground. I'm so tired of seeing him ruin games.
This type of thread is just hate speech basically. Also as a Mercy Main, I wouldn't touch "my team can't kill them" or "beyond OP, tired of seeing him ruin games" as your arguments.
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This type of thread is just hate speech basically. Also as a Mercy Main, I wouldn't touch "my team can't kill them" or "beyond OP, tired of seeing him ruin games" as your arguments.
Mercy was at least acknowledged by Blizzard, but Junkrat was barely nerfed.
For lore reasons I despise Hanzo because he tried to kill his brother. Not cool.

Gameplay wise no one I despise. I just don't want to tank as Rein and hold my shield all day. Everyone gets to have fun shooting while I bullet sponge. I have respect for the Rein mains that do solid tank play. You're the real MVPs
Well, I don't despise any hero, so I'll say the heroes I thought were a bit annoying back when I played: Reaper, Pharah, Tracer. I couldn't do much against them because I'd always play with Reinhardt.
Genji/Tracer/Moira not because of their design but because they are literally in every single game, so I despise them for taking away variety in gameplay.
Shimada brothers

Nuff said
that is all

I just REALLY hate D.Va.
Whenever a hero bugs me and truly stops my playstyle, I learned a hero that could do something about them, usually a tank. I can Winston the shimada brothers and Widow, hook Doomfist, bubble teammates and myself as zarya against the bunkers, hold right click as Rein for torb and sum, etc.

And then there's Reaper and Mei. When half of your effective hero pool are massive hitboxes, you hate those two with a burning passion. Best way I've found to kill them is with Hanzo, but people don't like it when you play that hero... dunno why.
tracer and genji

i main healers it's only natural
Pharah. I tried to learn how to aim just to deal with this pest, because whenever the enemy has a Pharah, it's like NOBODY on our team realizes she's there and tries to stop her.

i will do whatever it takes to kill an enemy Mercy.
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Shimada brothers

Nuff said

Amen! Though I must add in Widowmaker. Th triple threat heros whom you know you're going to have a difficult time playing around with in a team. I have honestly seen the biggest turn overs in my games once one of these three hero are swapped out. And not for one another. All three of them requires careful precision patience and a ton of practice. When you lack either one of these traits they can be horribly inconsistent in dps. Not to mention that these three are always away from the point so you never expect them to cover the team or fight with them directly.

My other heros I despise is Tracer/Sombra. Not only is their dps inconsistent as well they run off completely to do suicidal things. Sometimes it works out. The other half of the time they costs us teamfights because they force a six on five situation because of a single misplay that led to their death. Good job distracting them but after two seconds of healing the entire enemt team is going to coming down on the rest of us.
Mei. Without a shadow of a doubt.

I hate playing against, with, or as Mei.

If I had a nickel for every friendly Mei that walled me off from an enemy I was about to kill.....I would be a millionaire.

Playing as Mei just seems awful, I have no clue why anyone can stand playing her. her wall is just a 50/50 shot of "Either this will save my team, or throw the entire game".

Against Mei's.......Most of the match is me begging for a quick death.

Reaper as well just for being annoying. I hate him. Mainly cuz I play tanks, but still.

Oh and McFlashbang as a special mention. I hate McCree just waiting around every corner waiting to fan his hammer.
I mean I won't say they are OP but I do despise them. Any character that is weak on their on but can make or break a game if they're babysat and coddled all match.

Bastion and Mercy are the worst offenders. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than to have to deal with the pirate ship bastion combo or a mercy that is up a pharah or tank's butt the entire game because they don't have enough game sense to survive otherwise.

Makes me really despise people who play them that way. But, hey, whatevs.

Its not when she is on the enemy team its when she is on my team. Whenever we have moira and zenyatta/lucio I don´t get heals as Soldier. I really really prefer Mercy as a healer on our team. Due to her being able to fly to the dps and heal them. With moira u have to be so close to her to get any healing at all. As well as that her healing runs out. Even with a good moira (the ones with 10-11k healing per 10min) I feel like she just doesnt work in a 2-2-2 comp..

Id much prefer to have ana or mercy, for the damage boost, heals and nanoboost.

Just my personal opinion though..

Also something else that pisses me off is when the enemy has an Orisa/rein and my team refuses to switch to a shield tank to protect me as Soldier or our mccree/junkrat.. sighss, so lately ive just been going Orisa myself.

Unlike McCree who is a handsome, sexy man that need lot of skill
and is a pleasure to watch,
Hanzo is void of any skill, spam log randomly to hit, miss shots to instagib.
Climb walls like a coward, never hit something when you damage boost him.
Stupid ult kill you from nowhere, block vision, have annoying sound effect.

The character himself is ugly and often make weird noises.

Garbage character, when i see him in my game i really hope he lose miserably (enemy, teach him a lesson to be so bad) or he switch ASAP from this useless scarecrow (my team).
Snowflake we got something we both agree on xd

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