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Hi guys!

About my playstyle
I am a mid-high diamond rank healer/tank main who waits for whichever of the 2 roles I main is left before I pick. Sometimes I pick first if I really get bored of playing one of my preferred roles but mostly I just wait. But the problem is I can't play DPS at all in competitive. I'm trying to improve DPS using QP and DM but for competitive, not right now.

Problem with competitive
A lot of people, myself included, feel that playing competitive is too much of a gamble in its current state. We never know if we get paired with a team who can play a proper team composition. Of course, it also happens to the enemy team, but I feel better if I win "fair" games rather than lucky games.

I know that this problem is very difficult to solve but if the game gets to a point where me or the enemy only gets bad luck with team composition occasionally, then it would feel less bad if I lost due to it since I'm pretty much guaranteed that my next game would be fair.

Normal role select
Because of these problems, others have suggested a role select system to be implemented in Overwatch. I don't think that this is a bad idea, but there are some problems with it. I have no doubt that it would work for other games that don't allow players to change their character mid-game, like Blizzard's very own Heroes of the Storm. But for Overwatch, I think it gets a bit complicated. Here are 2 of the arguments that I have heard:
  • People could just select a role that is least played to be able to get into a game faster, but not play their selected role.
  • The Overwatch devs will be forcing a meta unto the players.

Reverse role select
I actually want a system similar to the Normal RS that I discussed above, but with its problems, I thought on how to use that system while reducing, if not removing, its problems. So here's my idea:
  • Instead of making players select their preferred role that they want to play, make them select the role(s) that they DON'T want to play, if any.
  • No restrictions will be set during gameplay.
    • All heroes can still be played even if they deselected that role (in case they really need it for some reason).

How it removes the 2 discussed problems with Normal RS
  • People could just select a role that is least played to be able to get into a game faster, but not play their selected role.

  • Since Reverse RS only takes into account what you don't want to play, you might actually get into a game faster if you actually use the system properly. So abusing the system this way would actually not help them.

  • The Overwatch devs will be forcing a meta unto the players.

  • Again, since Reverse RS only takes into account what you don't want to play, you are still likely to get paired with flex players without being forced to play a hero you can't play or dislike to play, and from there make your own meta without being restricted by the Overwatch devs.

Comparison with normal role select
If you think about it, Normal RS might feel the same like Reverse RS. Players can deselect multiple roles and leave their preferred role. But I think that there are a lot of differences. My arguments for that are the following:
  • With Reverse RS, you can be sure that the Overwatch devs takes into account that you can't play a specific role.
  • If you get tired playing a specific role, due to whatever reason like being burned-out, it's a better experience for you to deselect that role and not get forced to play it.
    • This is especially true if your most played heroes are only for 1 role, but you want to, and can still play, another role.

  • One-tricks will still be one-tricks, and if only 1 or 2 of your teammates use the system like a Normal RS, and the rest use it normally (deselecting only 1 role), then most players would still have a great time. Maybe even better since a lot of one-tricks are actually good with their hero. They only get paired badly by the system, so they can't play to their full potential.

Multiple role select
Another idea that might come to mind is a multiple role select (selecting 1 up to all roles to prefer playing). It's similar in that you can select all roles, and leave the 1 that you don't want to play. For this, I think more people might use the system properly if they see a "Select the role(s) that you DON'T want to play" prompt as opposed to a "Select the role(s) that you wish to play" prompt. It might be a psychological thing, but I'm no expert in that, so I digress. If the Overwatch devs happened to see and consider my idea, then I'll leave them to test and experiment which of the 2 is better.

Anyway, thanks for reading this post. If you think that there are problems with my idea, please feel free to discuss it so that we can find the best way to improve the Overwatch competitive experience.

Have a good day/night!
Holy !@#$, an actually really good idea on the Blizzard forums. Too bad they'll never implement it.
Would this only allow one role to be selected? Otherwise you can just tick all roles but one, and it's the same as regular role select.
This sounds similar to what I've been suggesting for awhile, and I agree completely.

Reverse role select allows teams to be flexible and have all roles without forcing people into a 2/2/2 meta.

(only post of mine I could find on it atm)
In my opinion, the roles need to be reevaluated first i.e.
Main Tank
Off Tank
Main support
Off support

The above is a mere example. If we pick 3 preferred roles, then the probability of having nobody in your team who prefers a specific role in your team is 1.56%. If we pick 2 different roles instead of 3, then the probability of not having somebody playing a specific role is 8.26%.

However, these probabilities assume that these are equally weighted probabilities. It's worth noting that there's no meta that doesn't involve at least 1 main tank and 1 main support. Therefore, the system can pick people using the following conditions step by step:
Condition 1: "At least one main tank & one main support"
Condition 2: "At least 1 player at each role"
and then it can repeat this loop while loosing the 2nd condition and keep intact the first.
You have my full support. Thank you +1
Role select doesn't have to involve a meta at all don't HAVE to lock people to whatever role they pick...just use it to form groups

That's already 100x better than at we have now
Amazing idea!

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