Let's stop pretending there's nothing wrong with backfill

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Because I'm genuinely getting sick of being backfilled into games that are already on the results screen and not even getting that tiny amount of backfill XP for it.


I soloq a lot, so the matchmaker seems to prioritize me for backfill. Don't get me wrong, I understand why the matchmaker needs to do this, but so many games, I'll join and instantly be faced with a DEFEAT screen before I've even had a chance to lock in my hero.

I understand the very nature of the matchmaker will stop this issue from ever being 100% solved, but here's a few simple changes I propose to reduce the impact and make matchmaking far less stressful:

1) Do not allow backfill during overtime, unless it's an ad hoc connection (a player actively choosing to join that specific game from the menu) or the player is already spectating and waiting for a slot. Let's be real, the odds of you being able to change anything in a 5v6 overtime are slim to none, about as high as the odds of you backfilling onto the winning team during that time.

2) Give me more than a few hundred extra XP. I don't know what, maybe you could double my base XP during my next game, then maybe I won't get as frustrated when I do end up in these games.

3) Put a cooldown between how frequently an individual can be backfilled. The amount of time I spend in queue jumping from endscreen to endscreen because the matchmaker repeatedly backfills me into impossible scenarios is directly impacting the amount of time I'm able to play. It would be nice if whenever I finish a backfill match, there was say, an hour during which time the game would lower or completely eliminate my odds of being backfilled.

I'm not asking for a matchmaker overhaul, I'm asking to be able to play the game without getting salty before I've had a chance to play.

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