Zarya Tips?

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Does anyone have any good tips for Zarya?
-get good at tracking
-if theres a hog on the other team hold on to your bubble and save it for when an ally gets hooked
-never try and alt when you are front lining against a dva
-exploit junk rat spam for charge
-call out bubbles during an enemy alt (dva bomb, "dont run ill bubble")
1. Massively overextend,
2. Somehow kill 5 of the enemy team,
3. Waste grav on the last guy,
4. Profit,

At least that is how harbleu does it, I think you have to be him to accomplish 2 however.
Another good tip is to use bubbles when a rein uses fire strike. The projectile is slow enough for you to bubble before it gets to you for some free energy (You can obviously bubble your teammates for this as well). Same thing goes for sym's alt fire. Another thing i like to do vs sym is if i find a couple of her turrets, leave them around for a bit (obviously letting my teammates know) to use them to top up my energy.
if you have quick reactions you can tell when rein has alt if hes getting aggressive and overextending and as soon as you hear the HA- from hammer down you can bubble yourself, then turn to a support and bubble them
I really wish Zarya was more relevant in the meta. If you're playing around mid to high diamond or higher you have to be a bit dedicated at times to make her work, and she can't keep up with dive all the time.
Everyone gave you the basic tips so here's some stuff about her ultimate I guess.

  • Grav in the middle of a group. Try not to land your grav on an enemy. It doesn't necessarily have to touch anyone, but if you fire it in the middle of a group of enemies it will suck them in. Firing at the rein in front is tempting but often times you can maximize the amount of people in the grav by choosing a better angle.
  • Grav walls. This is great against dva and genji, one of which can nullify grav and the other who can turn it against you. I often use grav before the enemy team can even attack, as long as they're grouped up near any wall in my team's LoS.
  • Continuing off the latter, make sure your team is grouped for grav. I wanted to improve this so I have began asking my teammates (especially my premade) "are we clear for grav?" I might get "No, I'm the only dps with you." Or "yes, our genji has ult, use it!" Platinum and lower Zarya players tend to have this issue.
  • A problem that ends in diamond play, usually: holding ults. Don't hold your grav all game. Not every game has the opportunity for that "perfect" grav. Make sure you get two or more people. A single grav or empty grav is a waste in most cases, but don't beat yourself up.
  • Continuing off the last one. Single and empty gravs... There are days I'm just !@#$ at Zarya. That's all you need to know. Lmao. But here's a bit of gamesense that you can apply to zaryas ult.
  • did you empty grav? Embarrassing, but if the enemy zen ulted for it (yes, this happens) it's a decent trade, and just as "bad" as the enemy team being caught in grav and saved by trans.
  • single grav. You can do this to seal an important kill. I sometimes do this on purpose if an ulting genji is known to wipe my team. I grav while his back is turned or while he's casting, to keep deflect from further destroying my team. Its even better if you get one or more of his teammates. Be careful though. If your team has already traded another ult this is often overkill.

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