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when you get in a game with a thrower most of the team wish to get the game over with, and start a new game, the wait time is dreadful and tilts most people.

Why can't this be implemented, is it a bad idea? It seams to work in games like CSGO.
games are far too short for it to even matter. If you want to surrender, just let them take the point.
surrender should also be a flatline 20 sr loss and must be voted on before the first 3 minutes of the game. that way people cant abuse it at the end of the game. im not gonna waste 10 minutes when the entire team is defense heroes. this actually helps streamers who get stream throwers que snipe them. why havnt this been thoughtve earlier?
This would probably work if the game did not have the function of having a private group play in matches. Sometimes there is more than one troll in their own private group and they will most likely down vote a surrender to add to the grief they are promoting.

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