How Would You Change Torb, Bastion, Sym?

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NOTE: You cannot change Sym to a healer. You cannot change Torb or Bastion outside of their class.

I was just wondering how you would change them?
Torb. I’d let him pick up his turret. I’d also make it where his turret upgrades based on hits no affected by being damaged, but I’d let the damage carry over when it’s built to still be fair. Finally I’d let him throw armor at his turret.

Bastion. I’d let him have a alert radius that alarms if a enemy enters a area to keep him from being blind sided, I’d take away his healing but give him a regen effect like mercy and a little deployable shield that can help soak up damage and protect his front.

Sym I would give her 4 turrets 250% damage increase, 50 health, 7 meter increase but slightly longer cooldown.
Make teleporter visible to friendlies with a visible number over it. I’d also give her a pistol for a side arm
I'm waiting to see what Jeff do to Symmetra because I am all out of ideas.

1.Turret builds itself to level 2 in 10 seconds
2.Tapping turret button while looking at an enemy will make the turret Prioritize the enemy
3. Increase Turret range significantly
Bastion: revert Sentry to the old launch form (with healing and IC).

Torb: reduce the hitbox, faster firerate, remove laser from the turret, upgrade and repair the turret at once, gib him base 50 armor (150 HP, 50 Armor)

Sym: faster orbs, shield and turret cooldown to 8 seconds, turrets now are just visible while attaching (Winston would still counter them), Passive that let her and other shields (HP and physical form) regenerate 25% faster
i feel like the torb armor pack thing is a lot like symmetras old shield, but ofc a bit nicer. maybe if he could build other things with scrap, and had to actively decide to whom he gave his armor bc hes saving it up for walls or ramps or traps or whatever.

maybe bastion has an overheat mechanic? the only time hes a real pain in the butt is pirate ship strat or el presidente, so its not like he needs a nerf really but maybe buff his kit elsewhere but make it so hes not quite the hose he is now.

i actually have no problems with symmetra rn and i play her a lot. i love the shield for blocking ults (eg pharah/dva). her primary is awesome when charged but can be countered easily with mobility. her turrets are good, but i do wish they had maybe 10 hp instead of 1, maybe, or at least buff the distance at which sym can place them bc i hate jumping to place them on choke points (eg 2nd/3rd pt numbani). also make it so the team can see a very faint outline of the turrets so they know where the safe space is.
I wouldn’t change bastion except for ult damage
02/14/2018 10:58 PMPosted by dradventure
I wouldn’t change bastion except for ult damage

I don't know how to fix bastion without keeping his primary play style the same. I would switch his ultimate mode and his turret form,m with number adjustments, but it would be such a change that no one would want it. It would be balanced but unpopular, thus being a failed rework.

For Torb, 5-10% reduced critbox, can build jump pads for the cost of two armor packs.

Move sentries to alternative weapon slot, use her current slot for a new ability. Applies decaying shields ,( from Doomfist and lucios kit) on a single target for a value of 45 shields per second that decays by 25 shields per second, after 2 seconds of not channeling. Cannot give surplus health (would be too strong with flankers and shield gen ).

The reason being is that A) it would enable her team on attack to gain the momentum necessary for her to utilize her killing potential. Once your team has momentum Symmetra can enable it to snowball, but currently she can't help your team initiate fights. This will help with that.

Secondly, it gives her a part of her kit that synergizes with other kits, specifically: roadhog, Moira, mercy, soldier, Mei.

Moira would become a viable solo healer with Symmetra on the team, and anyone with a self heal would gain their ultimate faster wth Symmetra as permanent health would replace decaying shields, allowing them to get ultimates faster while not sacrificing too much sustain.
I wouldn't change Bastion, pirate ship is a thing for a reason and that's Bastion's place in the game.

I'd increase the range on Torb's turret and let him upgrade and repair it simultaneously (when you repair a lvl1 turret it also upgrades it).

I'd remove Sym's barrier and change it to something more like her original shields ability. The shields she gave out were actually a support ability, he barrier is an awkward tank ability that isn't defensive or supporting.
Sure, why not. I'm ready for more downvotes, lol

Bastion: Beeps are louder when he's more angry. Seriously, I have no ideas for Bastion at this time.

Torbjorn: Faster turret build, allow relocate fully built turrets. However (big however) much shorter auto-fire range (only attacks very nearby targets without assistance). The turret now fires at targets when Torbjorn fires at them or when the turret is actually hit by a target it'll turn to attack them (if not already attacking with Torb). This sets him up to be much more than a Turret babysitter, where the computer basically plays the game for you.

Symmetra: Sentries no longer deal damage. Sentries are only visible when doing their jobs. Two types, sensitive to where they're placed. First type: Placed near health packs now give friendly players using the health pack a shield as well. Larger shields for larger health packs. Second sentry type: Detector. Activates when an enemy is near, giving all friendlies a warning on screen (not a full x-ray of the enemy, just that an enemy is there). Enemies using an ability with a cooldown when in the sentry spotted zone have that ability put on a slightly longer than usual cooldown. Sentries are now instant cast on press of the button to location where the target reticule is, and have a longer range.

Symmetras weapon changed a bit. Now deals bonus damage to shields. No longer ramps up in damage automatically. Damage ramp up only goes up when you have the target reticule on the actual target. Lock on also breaks after a short period of time if you do not move the reticle over the target within a period of time. Rewards Symmetra for aim.
Bastion: give sentry mode new hability like a sensor or something that give visual for like 1s or know something defensing for his team

Torb: make him place his torrert on walls also give him the hability to point a target that his torrert can follow not just point target ramdonly of course this hability has CD ...also reduced hitbox.

Sym: replace her shield barrier with shield on target something like zarya but she have to hold in order to sustain the shield nothing op of course just something like 300hp or less know something that actually give support.
I disagree with removing Sym’s shields on a lot of these. I love her shield. It is great. I came up with this idea a while ago:

Sentry Turrets: Sentry Turrets now have 50 hp per turret.

Notes: We found that too often Symmetra's turrets would be destroyed way too fast from one touch of winston. We wanted her to be able allow the turrets to be more viable[. They did not do their job and we think this will allow her more freedom

Teleporter/Shield Generator: They now both are able to be destroyed by Symmetra. While active Symmetra can press Q again to destroy her shield gen and teleporter with refund. If the ult is being damaged she is unable to destroy it.

Notes: To be able to destroy Symmetra's ult has been something many have wanted for a long time. We also gave her ultimate armor because too often her teleporter and shield gen were being killed in one clip of almost all DPS.


Builder: Symmetra now has a secondary weapon: her hands. When Symmetra switches to Builder all of her abilities change (besides ult). She cannot do damage in this stance.

Health Pack: When in her Builder stance Symmetra's left shift ability (which is Sentry) is now a 300 health pack that she is able to build. She can have 2 at a time out.
Bridge: In Builder Stance Symmetra is now able to build a bridge. It becomes her "E" ability.
Light Dome: Symmetra's left mouse button now becomes light dome while in build stance. Light Domeis a dome like barrier that makes anyone inside immune to all damage. It is seen in the "Better World" comic on page 9. It is not huge, but her team can go into it. The team cannot shoot out if the barrier is placed and the enemy team cannot enter it. The barrier does go away after 10 seconds. She press LMB and it goes up immediately.
Electric Trap: In builder stance RMB becomes electric trap seen on page 7 of "Better World". She places this and it has 300hp. Electric trap slows enemies and disables their movement speed. Electric Trap does no damage.

Notes: Symmetra is a builder who can build anything from light. We felt she was very underwhelming on release and even after her rework. This will bring a new spice to her that will allow her to allow her to be perfect on attack and defense and be overall a support class character

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