How did you think of your Gamer tag?

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It’s all in the title.

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved looking at everyone’s gamer tags. I find it fun to see what people can come up with in just a few words.

How did I come up with JellyandJam? Good question, I was trying to come up with a name that no one could take very seriously while making a Jelly and Jam sandwich for my Dad.

There you have it, my gamer tag was born, and I use it for almost everything.

Simple right?

Your turn now, let’s see what you’ve got;)
I got my name because of my cat. He's really fat and when he sits down with his legs tucked in he looks like a potato. He happened to be doing this while I was trying to come up with my username.
Out of nowhere like 13 years ago.

The only reason I can sort of think of as to why is because I had an obsession with fire sounding names. Exciting, I know.

In my awesome webchat days it was FireS†arter. I was so hip.

But people always call me "orderbyfire" and it sort of sickens me.
Hackers the movie
I thought being cool was all the rage when I was younger. I also thought turning a word like “business” into something that I’d only write in terms of my own gamer tag in would be nice as well. 125 is random numbers.
It solely came from a discussion I had with my discord friends tbh.
I was texting a friend and I made the spelling mistake of Anxiety, which is now my username! Besides, I love puns, so it's great!
Been using variants of Sinzh since I played Asheron's Call in early 2000s.
My Xbox gamer tag is "HiemsParadoxa" which is "paradoxical winter" in Latin. "Gyakusetsu" is "paradox" in Japanese. One of my favorite words of all time is "paradox". Not just because it rolls off the tongue in such a pronounced way, but because of its meaning. If you can't tell, I'm kind of an English nerd, but "Paradox" was taken and "Paradoxical Winter" is too long (even without the space). Thus HiemsParadoxa and Gyakusetsu were born and I use different variations of those and Paradoxical Winter for everything.

The "winter" part is two reasons. Winter is my favorite season, and the Winter Soldier is my favorite Marvel character.
Well I came over from Steam. I used to changed my name frequently, so one name never really stuck, but it was usually tenorSax, Tenor, "Tenor sax" in some foreign language, etc.

One day I was playing on some TF2 crit server, and I ran across a couple of players playing an interesting game. One was playing Sniper, the other was playing demoknight. He had to cross the map to try and melee her with the ham shank as demoknight before she shot him out of the sky. As a joke, I started shooting him as well, and we kind of just made it our thing. Eventually, most of the server joined in, as well. We played together almost everyday on that server together for like 4-5 months. We made our own group called the "Ham Society", and it wound up growing to over 200 people (It's still there if you want to look it up.)

My name at the time was tenorSax as I reverently play sax IRL. My surname/nickname wound up being "Tenor".

Eventually, we all transferred over to Overwatch, and I saw that just plain "Tenor" was available, so I took it!
Idk why, but mine just seemed so... familiar...
Xbox gave it to me, and i figured, well might as well make my battletag my gamertag
I main Pharah in OW, an aerial hero, and I main a Windwalker Monk in WoW, also has a wind theme to them. I wanted a word that kind of fit both and looked cool. I think Zephyr is a cool word to say and the spelling is really cool and the meaning fits both, so I thought why not?
Because my usual internet pseud is Quix, and NotoriousQ sounded sort of goofy in a fun way. Also I was getting some internet hate at the time so it was a way of making myself feel better.
the first video I ever watched on youtube was a michael rosen YTP back in 08
While I was in high school (glad that phase is over) I made a bunch of OC's. The main character's name was Vexyz (vehk-sis). Ever since then I've used it for online games, but lately I've been shortening it to just "Vex." Rolls off the tongue easier.
02/15/2018 12:46 PMPosted by Skyfoogle
the first video I ever watched on youtube watch a michael rosen YTP back in 08

Reading that makes me feel like some sort of YouTube ambassador. I started my account in '05.

RIP life.
Standard RPG Character name I use/ D&D Half-orc Bard.

Say it aloud.

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