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Edit: I literally changed my tag after I posted.
This one is mainly because I like the gothic scene in general.
My GT CreaBird I got it from a random word generator
It’s a Star Wars reference, obviously. Specifically, it’s a line that’s been spoken several different times in the TV shows and movies by different characters. I also like it because I’m really into the idea of force wielders not having labels or following any “religion”, like Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens (who was one of the people who said this line).
So it was a play on tf2's "RED WINS" or "BLU WINS", so I could win even if I was on Blu and they lost. It kinda stuck with me since then. And it's really funny seeing people's reactions on discord when I change my icon to blue and tell them that they're colourblind and it's actually red lol

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ps. Stahp asking me about my favourite colour, it's (plot twist) CONCRETE
Used it online for PSN when I was younger and it just stuck
Its a band + the word beat

If only I were a Lucio main it would be perfect...
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I was really into dragons at the time.

...And that’s all, folks.

Aww didn't you ever want to have a dragon as a friend? ride the skies with them and stuffs?

No. A gryphon or whatever Horde chars ride when flying is better. We might have some problems with feeding it though...probably should stick to a diet.
I was in 6th/7th grade (Well over a decade ago) and I liked Chess and thought I was good at it so I've had names related to Chess for quite some time.

Needless to say, I've since realized I am quite bad at it. I'll likely change the next time I pick a new primary game that my friend group doesn't play because it can get confusing for people having swapped names/having people refer to you by multiple names.
My Xbox Gamertag is XxLunasMoonxX, which was partially inspired by MLP's Luna, but also because moon's moon :3

My Battle.Net Gamertag? I like cats, so *cat noise* *cat noise* *kitty face*
A cavalcade is a sort of procession. It’s about appearing with pride, but it’s not a victors march. Cavalcades often returned from battle even if they lost. I liked the idea of honor in defeat.

And the 11 is my favorite number because I like symmetry.
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Aww didn't you ever want to have a dragon as a friend? ride the skies with them and stuffs?

No. A gryphon or whatever Horde chars ride when flying is better. We might have some problems with feeding it though...probably should stick to a diet.

Alliance has Gryphons, and Horde has Wyverns.
Former Air Force. Love flying and playing flight sims. I got into the Battlefield games and at one point in time I was in the top 100 ranked jet pilots in the world.

I specialized in close air support and got to the point where I could drop bombs through the windows of buildings to kill enemies hiding from my strafing runs.

A friend once said I descended from the heavens like the Angel of Death.

Since then, I have used "Azrael" as my online handle.

Even in this game, I have a fondness for flying characters. Most of my hours are on Pharah and Mercy. A few people have noted the irony in voice chat that their Mercy is named after the Angel of Death.
My sister played this song a lot when it came out (it's a Kpop song if you're wondering) and it got stuck in my head. I originally only made this account for the free weekend + the HoTS stuff so I didn't mind having this as my tag.
Wow, look at everyone who responded, each with different gamer tags.

This is awesome, keep them coming;)
Oh boy, story time!

Years ago, I played this old FPS called Unreal. Over time, and in my youth I began creating a series of maps called the Dead Zones. The map files themselves were just labeled as "DZ" and then v1 through v5 for each version of the map.

I went through several different names back then, but I eventually stuck with this one sort of as a way to remember my roots.
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I got my name because of my cat. He's really fat and when he sits down with his legs tucked in he looks like a potato. He happened to be doing this while I was trying to come up with my username.
I call that the catloaf. I nicknamed my cat "Loaf" and that's pretty much his full time name now.

As for mine, I'm Greek, and Thanatos is the Greek God of Death. The name always sounded cool. Been used in a bunch of video games and such. Firs time I saw it was in an old PS2 game called Chaos Legion by Capcom -- your best summon minion in that game is named Thanatos.

Everyone just ends up thinking I play Smite, though. Never touched it.
I looked at a periodic table and said "That one".
I'll go into more detail. First off, I love the sun because I live in the desert, and I love dragons and I have since I was little (be it mythological, komodo, or something else). I'm also a pyro. It also kind of reflects on my personality. The sun is always there and brightens up people's day (literally and figuratively), and I try to do the same. Dragons are seen differently in different cultures. According to my heritage I am descended from fairies and dragons (I'm vietnamese and that is one of our myths). Elsewhere in the eastern part of the world, dragons are revered and respected for helping people learn (I try to do the same), contrarily in the western part of the world dragons are seen as evil creatures who hurt people (I will hurt mean and rude people. A lot of people have that misconception of dragons). So I wanted a battletag that reflected who I was, at least to a certain extent. That's why I chose this one.
I combined the phrase "LOL' (not League of Legends, Laugh Out Loud), and "-ster", then 292 is just a random string of numbers.

Made it on the spot because I had to create a username and I couldn't think of anything else.
I played League for 5 years and Varus was my favourite champion.

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