How did you think of your Gamer tag?

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I got my name from the Fairchild Republic A-10 thunderbolt II plane. Also because people think I'm as stubborn as a warthog. the numbers I just threw in because I thought they sounded cool with the name.
i just got this name in the suggested box.....
I like Monkeys, and I thought what would be a fun name with monkey and then I thought of a Monkey holding a grenade not knowing what to do with it.

I try to feel like an Aura of Light every day by improving myself and spreading love. :)
if you dont know where my name is from i dont think i can be friends with you sorry.
I’ve had my name or something similar since AOL 3.0.

Started out with Wthrman as I wanted to be a meteorologist and “Weatherman” was taken so I adjusted it until I had a free name. Used Wthermans for most games and decided to change it once the BNet change happened many moons ago so now I’m just Weather.

People always ask what the weather is and I either tell them that it’s “cloudy with a chance of tears” or that the “weather is here and there’s a storm a-comin’”.
My friends idfc :3
Hanzo is annoying thats how.
So I was playing World of Tanks near when it first came out and I had to think of a username. Well, it's a military game so I put in a rank, and tanks are made out of metal so I put in a metal! Let's just say, everyone said the reason why I sucked at the game was because my tank was made out of Tin...
MORZAN has been my internet handle for well over 7 years for pretty much i just make variations of it.
MORZAN - Eragon


before that it was since the first time i got xbox live years ago..since what like 2002 or something..

BYLOR - Farscape -1999

and before was ULTIMAN

from ultima online - 1997
Favorite liquor is Ciroc + I love to play Rockband= Cirocband

I came up with it during my college partying days. Lol
I couldn't think of anything.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well actually my name is Xplo, short for XplosionIncorporated. However that was too long and couldn't fit in the Bnet requirements and so I just used Xplo.

However now I changed it because I think it's funny. My friends also have their mains in their names like mine.

You have DvaHentoi and MeiHentoi.
I studied linguistics in college and based my first tag, FrancaLingua, off of a term for bridge language, a Lingua franca. after I graduated I also happened to actually attain a title of nobility, and so my gamer crew started calling me LordFranca
I couldn't think of a name so I just used "lethal toast" because it came to mind. I wasn't happy with it at all but I had to deal with it.

Fast foreward a few months and a new kid started going to school with me. He called me "jæk" in a text and I really liked it because my name is Jake, and even though it's different it's still recognisible. Unfortunately it doesn't work in every game (such as siege) but I use it in the games that take foreign caracters.
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I got my name because of my cat. He's really fat and when he sits down with his legs tucked in he looks like a potato. He happened to be doing this while I was trying to come up with my username.

Catloaf, as it is also known as.
I love cats and really dark stuff like gore
I was playing Earth 2025 (a web-based text-based land conquering game that was popular in the late 90s) and since people had multiple accounts it seemed like all regular nicknames were taken. So I thought, what are the rarest letters for names in the alphabet... Came up with Q W Z, and then I just added some vowels to make it Qwazi...

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