Why do people throw as soon as I pick widow in competitive?

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Everytime I pick widowmaker on competitive, healers and tanks and other DPS swap to hanzo symmetra battle mercy bastion sombra etc and start calling me trash even though they don't even give me the chance to play widow.

I'm not even bad with widow.
Your average elims per life on Widow is a staggering 2.
A "good" Widow can still be bad for your team. Especially on say... a Control type map or 'attack' Assault maps. Your team is essentially always working with one less hero than the enemy team when it comes to capping points. You'd have to be amazingly exceptional and playing way below your actual skill level in order to 'carry' well enough to counter the fact that your team will not have that extra body helping in and around capture points.

Also, if you get to pick your hero of choice and it isn't throwing, why don't they get to pick their hero of choice without you calling it throwing? They didn't sign an agreement stating they promised to pick their heroes to make sure they had the best synergy with your hero.
Happens to me too mate. I play on console - it's even worse!

I only pick her map dependent as well. Like I'll never play her on a KOTH map.

When I pick her and nobody throws, I proceed to getting picks left right and center, Not wasted picks either, I always make sure my team is nearby to follow up on the picks I am getting. I am always one banging Mercy's, Zens, Moiras, stopping Mcree Ults & Soldier Ults... etc etc

I even switch if I am getting dived hard and being ineffective. Sometimes though, if I am having a really good game, and the whole team starts focusing me, I will not switch straight away, because it's taking so much heat off my team. Instead, I'll play cat and mouse with whoever s trying to dive me.

You know the worst one though, is when you have a good game as Widow, you're literally getting pluck after pluck after pluck, but your team still loses... nobody is complaining at the time, because they can see you're getting so many picks, but then at the end it's "Why did you have to go Widow?" I had a dude say that the other day just before the POTG screen after we lost, then POTG appears, it's me killing the 2 supports, taking out the Orisa and then stopping a Mcree Ult all in the space of 5 shots...... I WAS DOING THAT ALL GAME.

It's not my fault you can't capitalize on my picks, I am even waiting for you all to be within a distance where you can punish the other team from my picks, I am not going in Rambo getting picks whilst everyone else is still in spawn!

It's frustrating for sure.
Sheesh, why can't my team just carry me when I play Widow?
You know why though.

It's because you're not on defense.
she like others have no PP; so you make others work harder in the active zone.

widow is fine, put you need to switch on and off her as the win conditions change.

this is becomes even more pronounced when the other team starts to have spawn advantage; you (widow) can be killing, and your the rest of your team is still having - vs fights on the point because you are not there.

its easy to waste a lot of time on widow. I hear this all the time, if this is not working ill swtich; then by the time you do swtich, its too late.

if you have to say, I switch, you already know its a bad pick, you are just going to roll the dice.

what happens is you have; zen, widow, hanzo, or MC; all off PP postions so you leave your team with like 6 vs 3 fights this is why people dont like some picks with the win condition calls for all feet on objective.

i see this alot, they have rein and orisa; and the widow is still wasting time waiting for a "chance" for a shot you may or may-not make.

widow is fine, but once she becomes vapid, change and you always go back once the conditions change.
Widow is a selfish pick, that's why.
02/16/2018 09:40 AMPosted by Kushanuggy
Widow is a selfish pick, that's why.

100% you got that right...
Because most widows you meet in ranked don't get consistent headshots the whole point of widow is one shot one kill, pretty much any other dps is better for body shots because they can also contest the point/payload and are nearby if your healer gets jumped by a flanker.

Widow requires much more effort and skill to be effective than almost all the other heroes her skill floor is super high and most just don't reach it, your teammates know this too so they assume you will be as bad as the last few Widows they had.

Since we now have deathmatch Widow has the perfect training ground to practice her aiming so I believe comp players are less patient with those that only want to practice in comp.
Are you sure they’re switching because of you? The characters you said they switched to aren’t necessarily bad.

But yeah I think I saw this happen yesterday with my team. And I turned into battle Mercy for a bit because no one would shoot anything. I don’t know how, but we ended up winning in the end. The other team must have sucked too.
most widows i see think they can keep camping the same spot trying to shoot someone that peaks out from behind a shield, when youre in that situation youre useless and any idiot on any other class could do more to the team.

the widows that realize this and grappel hop to different side spots and keep the shield tank/teams on their toes/out of position are the winners, and of course they have to land the shots.

all that work and you could have just went junkrat.

or when the widow is getting countered by a dva, genji, tracer etc and refuses to swap. i see this too much, and my buddy a dva main loves to dive widows all the time, and most of the time the widows just keep coming back instead of switching. widow is fun i get it but damnit shes circumstantial.
Nobody understands what a Widow brings for the team. I personally like having a widow on the maps that she is good on because she provides so much pressure on the enemy team that it makes it harder for them to get a clean engagement.
02/17/2018 09:52 AMPosted by Pokadotdurr
Nobody understands what a Widow brings for the team.

Yeah, sometimes a good enemy widow will distract me for anything up to 15 seconds.
Sadly, in gold, 99% of Widows are dog !@#$.

To be fair, had a recent game with a duo Hanzo + Widow instalock and they rocked and were on fire.

But all the other games...
02/17/2018 10:02 AMPosted by OhEmGee
02/17/2018 09:52 AMPosted by Pokadotdurr
Nobody understands what a Widow brings for the team.

Yeah, sometimes a good enemy widow will distract me for anything up to 15 seconds.

When I am up against a widow I am smart enough to stay out of los and behind cover. However I realize how much that gives an advantage to the enemy team because it limits my options. I become more predictable because I have to play more safe.

Or the other side of the equation I have told my team on Kings to play around the corner and not at the choke on defense because they have a widow. Then watch 3 of my team get picked off because they were either peeking or didn't listen.
because your awesome widow play has dropped you from diamond to almost gold. I'd quit while I was ahead.
I think its because Widow gets a bad stigma from ignorance or comfort in having someone to blame. Her problems and stigma stems far more from players refusing to play with her/around her and/or tilting at the pick than the Widow actually performing good or bad. This is why we see phrases like "Most Widows dont get headshots!" or "Most widows..." and so forth... A lot of those failings are because of a team who doesn't help her, doesn't create space, and treats her like a thrower.

Then of course when you lose with that "Widow" theres always the comfort thought of "Well I couldn't win the Widow was throwing", driving the stigma further even when the Widow may have been the best member of your team.

Yah if you're in Bronze, Silver, and arguably gold, Widow might be a bad pick because the consistency is probably not there and the enemy team likely isn't smart enough to fear your Line of sight like they should, but even as low as Platinum I've seen some remarkably good Widows carry teams when the team actually plays >with< her.

Your Widow shouldn't need to get 1-hit KO's all the time, If you think Widow should only exist for sick Headshots carrying entire teamfights 1v6 thats your own ignorance of the game and how Widow works in a team scenario. Headshots are fantastic and a great "We win" button if she lands them, but even body shots should be enough to get your team off their butt to follow through on kills, and more than enough to put pressure on the enemy team to stay out of your LoS. If your Widow is landing shots and bringing people sub 80 HP and your team can't follow up with 4 bullets or something to confirm a kill, your team is failing Widow more than Widow is failing the team.

That said I'm not talking about instances of being countered or so forth, obviously map as well, she's not universal, It should go without saying. I'm also not going to address any anecdotal "But I gave the widow a chance and she was A BAD" because yah, so can any player be on any hero.

I've made the argument before that its due to her being a high skill cap hero with a very very unforgiving floor and if you're not hitting shots you go from useful to worthless real quick, but after playing a lot of games in scenarios in QP and even DM, its apparent there are a lot of good Widows in Platinum that are likely stuck there due to stubborn or toxic teammates. (Or they could simply just not know where to play her, as well)

Regardless, Widow tilts people because its a comfort tilt, people are so sure the Widow will be bad its almost nice to have someone to blame for your loss. Same with Hanzo and even Torb/Sym. She has a bad stigma started by simply poor players, now perpetuated by simply the stigma regardless. Its a community problem at a lot of ranks, especially if its a "Tilt on Hero select screen".

This is also where the "Red Widow" joke comes from, people never appreciate a Widow until its completely sh*tting on them and shutting them down.

I'm not going to chastise people sub Plat for not being happy with a Widow because I can't speak for their quality lately, but no one 2500+ has an excuse, that Widow is probably darn good. Its only really a problem when they absolutely do not swap when they're not longer getting value or the enemy team wises up and focuses them.

Especially on say... a Control type map

To be fair one of her most dominating and crushing maps is a Control map in Ilios.
Umm, its usually because 90% of the time most Widow players are mediocre or just plain bad...once in a blue moon you'll come across a good one.

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