is your main your best character?

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Not according to my Win Percentages.

Mercy - was a pretty good Medic back in TF2 and Mercy's the pree much the same without the Uber or the overheal. I've got the mechanical skill of firing slow projectiles at zippity zoopity people from literally being a projectile (*cough* demoknight) so I'd say I'm pree OK at Mercy. I'm just not good with her ult (like wut) or rez (you bad man).

D.Va - Used to be proficient at her back when she died every 1:30 minutes but now with all these fancy fandangled watchimacallits she's now wierd and strange to me and I feel uncomfortable with all the wizzity woopity button pressing I'll have to dippity poopity make every second I boost.

Reinhardt - I suck at charging, never ever pin any thing.

Zarya - out of practice on her and can never hold energy at an average of 40+. It's that or no one uses those boom-boom-pow-pow-n'-you-now-dead-son weapons anymore. Actually, they do, nevermind, I just suck now.


McCree - don't ask, he's mostly for training.

Heroes and Generals

Johnson 1944 - I'll usually rack upwards of 10 kills every game and I can use the irons enough to hit a guy at medium range though its literal cancer to do so because of the fat nob. Like seriously, why have a ring with that thing over there, 0 vision down range.

OHK BA - I can land enough shots to get a decent KDR and I'm also skilled enough to deal with any house raiders with hip-fire and quick scopes though I don't really have the patience to constantly re-position so I'll usually die quite a bit unlike dedicated recons. besides, American scopes SUCK !@#.

RoF BA/SA - Never underestimate a RoF Bolt Action. It might be a worse version of a SA but god damn is it effective at keeping me in cover. Still, I will get outclassed by many opponents if they're proficient enough with their own kits.

Thompson/Carbine - Pointer-Quick Fire legend. I can pin a man down at medium range. Seriously, PQF is underrated on the Carbine. As for the Thompson, I usually only hit center-mass which leaves my opponent ample enough time to get a cheeki beeki headshot on me.

M1919 - I'm not the best with this thing. I much prefer close quarters combat though I can mow down a row of Germans with no problem at all. It's just a matter of muzzle climb tbh, the barrel jumps to the point I can't see anything cuz the firing chamber block just keeps bumping up.

I would add more but I'm tired.
I can punish mistakes better and live forever on DPS but when two competent teams clash, Zen is my best character by far. Which should make me happy as a Zen main, but while I legitimately enjoy playing him, I only picked him up because onetricking Ana started to really suck during season 5. I'm a better player because of it but I'm always a little conflicted when I think about it too much.
Dunno. I love McCree, but I'd say I'm slightly more reliable on Ana.

My Mercy and Sym were pretty good too, but they've gone down the gutter the last few patches.
Is your main your best character?
My skills are a lot higher than my Reinhardt, Lucio, Winston and Roadhog skills (or the rest of my mains). So yes.

I'm a Mei main. I'd say I'm pretty okay with her but probably not. I likely play a lot of heroes better.
nope still a !@#$ sombra
Nope... I have an off meta account that ranks higher. But it's also more likely to get reported/banned.
i started this game as an orisa main. loved useing her shield and could melt the enamy team with her and push points. i then transfured to junkrat after i feel in love with his play style and DPS, i havnt looked back. if i cant be a junky its like shooting me in the foot for the match. sure ill play moira if shes not taken or orisa. but junkrat is the only one i can play well as
yeah ofc
i am Personally Best with Mccree, Bastion, And Widowmaker.
I heard that i'm also pretty reliable on any given healer...

Not to say that i'm good at Actually playing any of them, that is.

I used to say i was best at playing Bastion, But.. ya know..
Bastion is the backbone of F-Tier now. ;-;

Edit: And yes, i would say that i "Main" Bastion, Who i would say i have better game sense with.
My most played is actually my worst hero. Bastion has a better win rate than her XD
is your main your best character?

I'd say your main is your go to hero(s) (say your top 3 heroes are your mains), in my case according to my profile my all time mains are D.Va, Reinhardt & Mei (D.Va being number 1); And normally your go to heroes are your best heroes so yes your main is (most likely) your best hero.
main Pharah, am best at Pharah, chaining splash damage is a way of life! If you are thinking of maining pharah though, the process will kind of ruin your skill on most other heroes..It took me so long to stop treating widow's shots as projectiles and trying to shoot where the enemy will be in 2 seconds as opposed to shooting them exactly where they are
However, my stats indicate I'm still a slightly better Mercy than I am an Ana, and that disappoints me.
02/16/2018 11:28 PMPosted by SomebodyElse
However, my stats indicate I'm still a slightly better Mercy than I am an Ana, and that disappoints me.

if its only slight maybe its not that bad
You're probably better on hog but do well on dva cos she's an infinitely better character.
It depends on what define my main... My biggest play time overall is in Zarya and Mercy, but I have hardly touched these heroes since season 5.

Currently I've been playing most Winston and D.Va but I'd say my best hero currently is Moira.
02/16/2018 05:31 PMPosted by Phoenixx
I'm bad with every character.

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