Moira - How often do you run out of Heal Resource?

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Not calling for any changes, I'm really just curious how other players handle her resource meter and how it affects their play style, if at all.

Personally I always make sure to prioritize healing over damage, and not just when I see critical health warnings. But I also try to be efficient, utilizing the lingering heal over time and use healing orb often, and so I almost never find myself in a situation where I'm running dry. And so I'm wondering how much impact it actually has being a limited resource for other players.
depends on how aggressive my team is tbh. i can usually manage the resource very nicely but if i get teamed up with people that recklessly charge in i usually run out of resource a lot due to having little time to recharge it and having to heal the trash damage they receive a lot

edit:I'd like to add, that sometimes my resource meter barely gets depleted. like i mean our team once had 3dps, 1 tank, and a secondary healer (zenyatta). i was gold in healing but my team was too "passive" that i really wasn't able to heal that much because they weren't getting that much damaged. i say passive because at that time i also had gold elims, gold obj kills, and gold damage. so literally my entire team was too careful.

i guess my point being, aside from the players ability to manage their resource meter, moira's teammates are also a big factor on how frequent it gets drained.
Depends on the team fight really.
On a good day I can balance heals and damage. If I'm getting low on heals, I use my orb and prioritize damage a bit.
If my team is too aggressive but doesn't have any defense, then I can run out of healing in that team fight really fast. I then leech off a tank.
I focus on healing over damage so I heal until the bar runs out (which it tends to deplete quickly), try to dish out some damage and then focus back on healing. I use the healing orb way more than the damage orb.
Quite rarely, and I play her pretty safely, prioritizing healing over damage. That does also mean I use the heal orb more.
I only run out if tanks are taking inordinate amounts of damage
When they have a lot of shields? Very often. When they are running Hog + Never.
I don't allow myself to run out of heal. I recharge it before it finishes.
and this:
02/18/2018 09:03 AMPosted by Seph
When they have a lot of shields? Very often. When they are running Hog + Never.
Not that often, and if it does happen I just throw a healing orb in the direction most of my team is
Frequently and that's the trade off for her.
Depends on the Team comp, usually if it's 2-2-2 it never happens. But with triple/quad tank quite often.
When Im solo healing very fast
Just got to notice your team and theirs. If your team is being dumb and dangerous, you have to heal orb more.

If they have a Hog because they like throwing, add free heal juice to something else Hog feeds the other team

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