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Moira is balanced but it's inevitable with all these complainers that she's going to get nerfed and finally ruin every main healer.

Anyways I was wondering what some FAIR nerfs could be for her. I think a slight nerf to self heal with her alternate fire would be fair as to SOMEWHAT remove the dive in kill a squishy and dive out strategy. But still be strong enough to allow it to be possible if you get the jump or if they are low health.

I honestly do not want a moira nerf at all but support mains can't go a month without our heroes being nerfed so thought I'd offer a fair nerf. Although she shouldn't be nerfed to begin with.
I love Moira but if I had to pick a fair nerf I would say maybe nerf how fast her ult charges or slightly increase fades cooldown. I think she's fine as is but if need be those might be fair nerfs
I like the hero she is great and all and I dont have a problem with her strength but she is too easy to play! She take so little skill to play, since her fade saves her always with only 6 seconds cooldown and her autoaim with rightclick and orbs is just so bad.

I would suggest these nerfs:
-lower auto aim
-increase fade cooldown

These tiny nerfs wouldnt even hurt her alot, especially not if you can play the game well... I fear she will get a huger nerf though, I hope they dotn go overboard.
If she REALLY needed to be nerfed (she doesn't) then I hope it's something like increasing Fade's cooldown from 6 to like 8 seconds or so.

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