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Hello, I am here to talk about sr. The sr system is kinda trash, for example when 2 of my teammates leave while I’m the underdog in a comp game I should get a sr curve, but I just played a game and lost more sr in that game than losing with 6 people. Jeff has left platinum rankers and below to rot, and it’s not fair, also we have junk who is a non skilled character who gets his ult faster than sym with nano. Jeff if you see this take this into consideration, listen to the fans we know if you beefed up and we are letting you know who to fix so it’s your job to make your game the best it can be. For right now you have lost me Jeff, I don’t know what else to say but fix comp please!! D; #MakeCompGreatAgain
Unfortunately they no longer adjust SR based on if there is a leaver. This, in the past, resulted in even more poor matchmaking and competitive matches.

1. They don't alter your SR with a leaver to avoid abuse of the system. Do you really want to see players try to bully someone into leaving when they are losing just because they don't want to lose as much SR.

2. Think about all the times you won a game because someone on the enemy team lost. The only fair way to make it work would be if they also throttled your SR gains then as well. In fact they did do this at one point but people complained that it was wasting their time so they took it away.

3. How do you propose they 'fix comp'? There is no way they can stop leavers because things happen and you can't force people to change their behaviour. They can't make the punishments too harsh because sometimes it's a legitimate disconnect. I once had my power go out which gave me a 50sr loss which I had no control over. The devs can also see how many leavers there are in general and I don't believe it's very high. In fact I have noticed improvements since they made the punishments harsher.

4. Remember that leavers happen to you and the enemy team. You reap the benefits when it happens to the enemy team and you suffer the loss when it happens to your team. Since the problem is symmetric and isn't rampant is it really then a problem?

Maybe we should let the devs work on more important things that will improve the game like a clan and LFG system or improving the reporting system instead of complaining about something that can't be fixed.

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