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Why not let Doomfists fist be unlocked on the vertical axis, like genji's dash, but with a charge time? Allowing him to punch up or down could add more creativity, versatility, and survivability to Doomfists kit.

Let's look at pros and cons
Doomfist can RP downwards, allowing for Uppercut + Punch being a one shot combo.
Doomfist can be more creative with his engagement angles.
Doomfist can punch players upwards into the ceiling if they are not careful.
Doomfist can use the fist for pushing players more effectively.
Doomfist becomes lucio.
Doomfist can hit jumping enemies easier.
RP can become much more effective at escaping.

Doomfist must compensate for an extra axis for aiming.
Wall registration has more variables to consider.
Doomfist becomes Lucio.
Doomfist may hit targets over walls, in some situations.
Doomfist may be displaced in unsafe areas.

Overall I think Doomfist could use a special buff for the fist that makes him more flexible and less repetitive for each engagement.
02/16/2018 08:56 PMPosted by Lukewarm
Doomfist becomes Lucio.

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