What kind of grenades does Junkrat use?

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I just realized his grenades act super weird...
As in they bounce everywhere and have delayed explosions as normal, but as soon as they hit someone they explode on impact.

Thought that was pretty silly, seems like they're built at the Symmetra School of Auto-Fire lol.
He found some weird mechanics in that junkyard...
Splody Bois
They're homemade. Just like the rest of his arsenal is.

The man's a genius, maybe one of the smartest characters in Overwatch. Would have a bright future in engineering or pyrotechnics if it weren't for the state of Australia causing his deteriorating mental state.

That prosthetic arm (or maybe his leg?) contains a secret: A remote-controlled detonator for all of his grenades. He's just really good at timing the explosions when they hit someone, and the "rollers" that miss are just forgotten about and left to explode on their timer.
Just ask the tf2 Demoman ( kaboom) junkrats. Template
Maybe they have some kind of organic matter detector, that also interacts with the energy Omnics output. So whenever they get in contact with a pre-programmed matter, they 'splode.

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