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I've been wondering for a while about some sort of bot replacement if a player leaves the game. Making a lucio bot set to follow it's teammates around and just strafe and maybe boop people who get close to it seems like it with be relatively simple to code without being too effective in lower ranks or just a feeder in higher ranks. Possibly making the bot run with the old (large aoe, low damage, low heals) version lucio would make it easier to work with as well.
Anyone know why blizzard hasn't done anything along those lines or if there is some catastrophic error I'm missing?
Bot will either be too good or too bad (an ult battery for the enemy).

At what point does it become an advantage to have a leaver and at what point does a bot become a disadvantage, greater than a leaver.

There is no proper, or at least easy, way to balance 5 v 6. The game is designed around 6 v 6 I'm afraid.

Best thing to do is to get your team to play at 120%
I've won more 5 v 6s than you would think ;)
This is just my opinion, but I believe Overwatch will have a lenient leaver system for the first few years because they don't want to ban away a large chunk of their player base. League of Legends did the same thing. The bot idea is terrible though.
why not instead backfill like in QP - this would be ofc 100% optional (you mark checkbox "agree to backfill").

If backfiller still loses the game - he loses no SR. If manages to help team to win, he gets SR based on what % of the game he played. To avoid freelo situations - MM would prioritize backfillers who didn't backfill longest period of time: let's say Player A backfilled 1hour ago. Player B backfilled 3days ago - in such situation MM would chose Player B. This way backfilling should have a negligible impact on SR inflation.

But AI bot is the dumbest thing you could actually do in such situation. It would be basically an ult farm for enemy. Honestly, I would expect a better logic from GM player.

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