if symmetra can't heal, maybe let her repair barriers?

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i mean, that would change her whole kit and will make her a viable support hero for shield tanks.
That would be pretty cool but that could be really op depending on how you go with it.
That would be horriably annoying.
That would be Barrier Watch to the Extreme.

Imagine trying to break through Rein and Orissa with infinite barriers.
This coming from a person who plays Symmetera.
barrier heal i imagine for a new hero in a future ahn.. Brigitte Lindholm? :D
02/20/2018 08:22 AMPosted by Amido
Brigitte Lindholm

i think brigitte is more the amor type than a shield type. Like her father :D
If there wasn't a range limit on such an ability, she could even synergize with Winston. I'd be down for it, since most well-rounded team comps have at least 1 shield tank.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it being broken. Having barrier healing would make her more suited for the 2nd support, so a team running her this way already has a weakness with less healing.
I would only allow this if Moira’s orbs broke the sym turrets once again
If you do that then something has to give in the opposite direction. Take away one of her abilities...turrets, for her to fix barriers.

You will also have to look at barriers and their up-time in relation to how much she can fix. Would it create a scenario when if you had a stack of barrier tanks (Rein, Orisa and Winston) with a Sym will they become unbreakable and too OP? If so, you have to taper something back (barrier health, how much Sym can fix at any given time, etc.) or increase the damage somewhere else to help break the barriers again.

Its a neat idea but I just dont think Sym needs a another rework at this point in the game. Give the ability to repair barriers to another, brand new hero.
02/20/2018 08:31 AMPosted by Cozy

Its a neat idea but I just dont think Sym needs a another rework at this point in the game. Give the ability to repair barriers to another, brand new hero.

I thought they were already planning on one anyways?
I don't think lack of healing is Sym's problem. There are a lot of examples in other games of character's who don't heal but are great supports. I think Symmetra's issue is that she has no active form of support to help out her team. All of her utility is of the "place and forget" variety, and with the exception of her ults, doesn't directly help her teammates live.

She needs to have a more direct hand in the fate of her team. While healing barriers does that, I don't think that fits Sym's character or that it would make her more playable. She still wouldn't be chosen over an off healer in a lot of situations, because healing barriers only really helps tanks.
Looks like I'll have to keep playing Sombra because if a shield fixer enters the roster I will be very valued.
What if sym did less damage but she could actually heal, because if you think about it if sym is a support then why isn't torbjorn????
People complain about barrier watch being a thing, but they're also buffing Sombra and EMP reduces a lot of the efficacy of having shields and barrier heavy team comps.

I realize that coordination is lacking in a lot of ranks, but it only takes one good EMP wombo combo to wipe a team out and make it nigh impossible for teams to set back up.

Also, I somehow feel like barrier healing would probably still not be deemed as valuable as like actual healing unless it allowed Sym to replenish Zarya and Zen's shields as well as the shields from her generator.
I don't think it's a bad idea. People either complain about BarrierWatch, or moan that OW has too much healing.

However, there's so much DPS in the game right now that even barriers don't last long. Winston's gets shredded like it's made of rice paper, as does Orisa's, and Rein isn't too far behind.

Letting Symmetra repair barriers would mostly just remove a healer- making fights quicker and less wearing- and mean that certain shields aren't quite so pathetic.
We already have too many barriers up at all times.. the last thing we need is an orisa barrier that never goes away.
I like the idea but it would be hell to balance.

Symmetra main myself....top 500...

Please don't do this. This would be awful.
That's actually a pretty neat idea.
02/20/2018 09:43 AMPosted by SickSym

Symmetra main myself....top 500...

Please don't do this. This would be awful.

You're a GM Symm main :O

Any videos/articles you know of that could help me git gud as Symmetra?
What if they gave her the ability to place a shield some place? Doesn't have to be a place she can reach either. She just has to look in that direction and then she can deploy it. Can be used to deploy a shield in the middle of a fight without being right there or used to protect snipers or Reaper while he's re-positioning.

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