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Any other console forum users out there stuck with the player icon from their PC account? I just recently got stuck with the default OW logo because I tried running the game on an outdated gaming laptop (it didn’t go well) Hopefully the new forums let’s people choose which player icon to display, whether it be the one from PC or PS4/Xbox.
And I'm stuck with my US server Icon where I spent only about 10 hours when I started playing OW. I have no idea how to change it. When I go to my profile here on forums it shows my real icon though...
PC is my main account but you are right, PC seems to take priority in the forum icon display depth chart.
The PC takes priority.
I think that because it's on the PC, it links to the PC.
And console and PC cosmetics aren't linked.

I asked if there's a way that I can make the console account the default one, but this was the answer they gave me

Our site shows profiles in alphabetical order by system.
PC comes before PSN, due to that reason.

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