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I was just wondering if there are any planned changes for this? I googled that were changes last year but i dont see much changes as i keep mainly seeing Dva Junk and genji potg as they are Q for multi kill ults however on some minor occassions i do see things like hanzo killing 2 taregts beats a DVa triple which i find strange but i thought it would be nice to see some ana zarya sombra and more others that i rarely see but for now its mainly DVa with ults junkrat with ult and genji with ult

So to sum up are there going to be any planned changes? :o Seems a shame to not see some highlight intros as i really find it exciting to see the different intros :D
Mercy using ult and only healing > my 4-man bomb
Would be great for the game if the supports and tanks get some more love. Not a dps pressing the ultimate i agree with that!

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