Xavvy's Super Overwatch Giveaway! [Season 1]

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I would like to enter. :)
Support main since the beta reporting in! ^^
Hit me up with those lootboxes fam.
1 hour of Moira baby.
I would like to enter.

02/14/2018 12:01 PMPosted by TrollGenji
I'm a DPS main, BUT I do like playing Moira, and can flex in comp depending on what the team needs.
However, a small problem: I am currently posting from my alt account as my main is disabled from the forums due to some phantom parental controls that nobody set up. As such, all my stats are on my main, and I would like you to send the boxes to my main in the event that I win.

My main: TheDoomsday#11694

Please tell me if this is an issue, or if my stats don't confirm!

Edit: is the prize date in us time? Because if it is then it will be the 22nd for me.

As long as I am able to add you, in the event that you win, you should have no problems. I'll be sure to use your main account as an entry instead. All I will have to do is confirm that you actually played a support on your main for the requested length of time once you're added. :)

Also added a link to a Universal Calculator to the OP! https://goo.gl/1Movkw

02/14/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Mikado

I wish to partake :D I a support specialist who also plays a lot of dive. But none the less, supports are my FAVORITE and I hope this challenge helps encourage other support mains to keep doing what they do since they are the heart of every team comp.

On a different note, I think the support section has been improving and will hopefully meet that balanced state that we been asking for. Only heroes I see struggle are Ana and Sym, which is good since Sym is listed for changes and Sombra could make Ana more viable again (since Sombra counters DVa and EMPs barriers down)

I agree! I think for all it's worth, the support is in a better general state than it has been previously (with some minor exceptions). Here's hoping that they improve both Ana, Sym and Sombra! Best of luck!

02/14/2018 12:07 PMPosted by Yberamos
Support main since the beta reporting in! ^^

Glad to have you! Best of luck and thank you for your service!

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.
Hi, I would like to enter :) I love using support heroes of all kinds, and I used to use Mercy all the time but after recent Nerfs I switched to Moira. Cheers!

Mercy - 12 Hours QP, 3 Hrs this comp
Ana- 7 hrs
Zenyatta- 6 hrs
Lucio- 6 hrs
Symmetra- 6 hrs
Moira- 1 hr

:) Thank you for being so kind and considerate to all players!
Well, as support main I would like to enter :P

However, you probably have to head towards the EU servers to find my profile.
I would like to enter. :)
supp mains unite ♥

i would like to enter.
well i played tons of mercy/zen and moira these season in comp. count me in.
good luck everyone.
The most toxic Mercy main poster is talking about spreading positivity. Oh the irony.
02/14/2018 12:57 PMPosted by Stunlaw
The most toxic Mercy main poster is talking about spreading positivity. Oh the irony.

Yeah. Just realized this is the same guy still going on about Mercy revert changes. He's going to make a dev mad eventually with this setup man.

Still though.

I would like to enter
i would very much like to participate
thank you
I'll participate. I'd be fine with 1 lootbox, haha.
I would like to enter
I would like to enter
Positivity? Have you seen my threads bruh?
I want to join.

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