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I see hanzos and Widowmakers in every single round, every single one.

Moiras are there to, but The difference is, Moiras will most likely be more helpful.

I’m not bashing Snipers or anything, I’m just saying, I prefer Moiras in every round then having Widowmakers and Hanzos.

P.s. leave Moira alone.
You are aware there not a hero named hanjos right?
All depends on the comp. Sometimes switching off of Mercy or Moira and going Zen makes the things die properly. She's not a pick for every situation.
02/15/2018 09:50 PMPosted by Unenclosed
I won't lie, most moria's get tunnel vision with their damage abilities.
I've had this problem, it harder to watch the battle fireld / my teammates health, then when playing mercy. It takes a "need healing/ someone on voice, then worst looking to find them, cause I was not aware. I feel like a bad healer then.

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