Who needs a nerf?

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Genjis deflect hit box could be dialed down a little. I’d also love if his SS would stop hitting people behind him.

But past that?

I don’t really think any heroes stand out as being terribly OP right now.

A handful need some buffs, and really that’s it.

I feel this is the closest overwatch has been in a long time.

Edit; would absolutely love to hear why I got down voted for this.
My boss.
The meta heroes are fun to play and play against. Buff the weak characters. MAYBE reduce Moira's heal-juice capacity.

PS: Of course if they remove Hanzo, Widow, and Junkrat, I won't complain.
Tracer and Genji
tracer imo nobody else is as strong as she is
No character need a nerf now at least not until the Trob and Sym rework come out. I also think some character need a small buff now. Not a rework just some small changes

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