If you could ban two characters each game

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02/18/2018 11:31 AMPosted by HanaSong
Genji and Hanzo
Tracer and Reaper

Why me?
Genji and Tracer. Every single time. No matter what.

Maybe the Sombra changes will change that, maybe, but as it is right now Genji and Tracer.
Symmetra and Doomfist easily.

Symmetra not because she's op or anything, but because I'm tired of always having to coach people on how to deal with her, if I say nothing they just run in and die then blame heals.
Torb. Simply because I never liked him and would prefer they replace him with his daughter Bridget.

Can't think of anyone else actually.
Moira and Dva.....

Just to see what happens.
Junkrat and Tracer
I would ban any player who was Spawn Camping or hiding in the corner NOT doing anything.

Baring that, a Symmetra not going towards point AND putting up a Teleporter facing a cliff.

OR, a Mei walling off Spawn repeatedly then walling off our shots and Ults.

I had two of the latter grouped together in 1 match, Mei walling off Spawn and Symmetra having her TP facing the edge of the map way back in Season 3. BOTH had over 100 reports against them. At least the reporting system is getting better.[b][/b]
02/18/2018 12:39 PMPosted by Reaper
02/18/2018 11:31 AMPosted by HanaSong
Genji and Hanzo
Tracer and Reaper

Why me?

Probably because you are annoying. Though the same could be said for any Hero.

I like the ones I put up when they pull dumb things to throw games in Competitive.
Well, if you were the biggest troll ever, ban both main barrier tanks.
The Shimadamada brothers
Genji and Tracer for sure.
Genji and tracer there I just did you all a favor
Genji and Lucio . I'm on console so those two are almost invincible and annoying af to play against.
dva tracer
Tracer because she's harder to kill than Genji imo
Mercy so I don't have to play her hehe
Tracer and phara for me.

I find them both equally annoying and bad for the game.

If you dont force 1 to 2 people to go hitscan against a phara she 100% dominates the game.

Tracer has so many get out of jail free cards she's tiresome to deal with. No other hero has that many try again options.

Her own counters don't even counter her.
Tracer, no need for a second one, i'm happy with banning just Tracer every single !@#$%^-ed game, that would make this game so much better, other than, you know, actually nerfing her which she totally deserves.
Moira and Junkrat
winston / genji

tracer / dva
Right now probably Junk and Tracer. As someone who plays support (and tank), I get tired of Tracer wrecking my !@# and Junk hunting me down with his riptire while my team runs away.

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