If you could ban two characters each game

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02/18/2018 10:39 AMPosted by NordBigD
genji and genji

I wish I could thumbs up more than once for this.
pharah rat
D'va and Junkrat. I'm sick and tired of D'va being in every single game. And Junkrat is still op...

Many dislikes in coming.
02/18/2018 01:05 PMPosted by Roseblite
02/18/2018 12:39 PMPosted by Reaper
Why me?

Probably because you are annoying. Though the same could be said for any Hero.

I like the ones I put up when they pull dumb things to throw games in Competitive.

Oh, I see now. Bronze must be that hard, huh.
I would always ban the supports. It makes more strategic sense.
mercy and moira ez
Tracer and pharah
02/18/2018 10:39 AMPosted by NordBigD
genji and genji

No worries, Roadhog,Dva,Mercy,Hanzo can be reworked, but not Genji no sir! That would be blasphemous!
dva and tracer
Doomfist and Symmetra, because !@#$ doomfeed and "support" hero that can't use half her kit on attack.
As a support main I would ban Genji and Tracer in an INSTANT. Maybe even Junkrat.

I don't care if they could be strong picks on my team. My teams almost NEVER protect me from them whenever they come after me. It'd make my job of healing less stressful.

Plus it'd be nice to see other DPS heroes played. I mostly just see Genji, Tracer, and Junkrat.
02/18/2018 10:58 AMPosted by GenjiIsCool7
02/18/2018 10:52 AMPosted by Scoutaloo
Genji and Tracer... Both equiped with overtuned Mobility and easy Get-out-jail-free-cards.. Tracer with Recall and Genji with Deflect AND Swift Strike
I would hit junk and dva
02/18/2018 10:39 AMPosted by NordBigD
genji and genji
Pharah and Mercy.
Genji and Winston.

Purely to make dive die and because both these heroes always end up being a binary option between "saves the day" or useless in any game, hero or zero when not played with pros.
Tracer and Genji
Legitimatly I'd Say Pharah and Widow/Tracer

though if given the power i'd just get rid of Rein and Orisa so my inevitable 5stack DPS can just push through
Genji/ Winston. As a support main they ruin the game.

Also I'm sick of dive. I prefer Insta kill roadhog meta over dive.
dva dva dva dva dva dva dva dva. did i say dva? and moria. and pharah and junkrat and anyone who plays snipers better than and REEEEEEEEE

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